September 06, 2010

Morning at Crickhollow

This morning it's cool and dry outside... a far cry from the near one hundred percent humidity with matching temperatures that we have been experiencing for what seems like decades now. I know it's only been a few months since everyone was complaining about ice, snow and frigid temperatures, and they soon will again, but lately I have felt like Summer wasn't going to loosen it's hold.

This year the heat has been coupled with what seems like a schedule straight from a battlefield. Non stop going and working has been a good thing to be sure, but the toll has been heavy. There are many good things going on here, projects, new milestones observed along the way, and happiness with tinges of exhaustion.

Labor Day weekend is a huge time of yard sales and craft shows, and we were faced with choices of where to go and how to set things in motion for multiple sales going on at the same time. With plans set and work begun the weekend approached with promises of an even busier schedule than usual. Everyone is either getting over a cold, fighting a lingering one, or just now starting to feel that scratchy throat and runny nose demon catching up to them. Sleep has been an elusive creature to overtake at times, late night work sessions and almost daily trips to the post office to ship packages filled with every manner of hand crafted items we have lingered over, squeezed in amongst errands and deliveries to local folks has created a sense of rebellion about the place.

We had touched base with a few of the craftsman that we were doing a sale/show with and everyone seemed to be in the same boat... Orders coming in have depleted inventories, work is going on to fill them all while extra hours are being put in to build stock in studios and back yards all over the state. During a mid week discussion with the chain saw carver we began to talk about taking a break for the holiday weekend... the idea took hold and spread like wild fire...

So tools were put away, shops locked, shipments packed and piled for Tuesday's post office run, lists updated and schedules altered... We all became civilians this weekend and did things people normally do. We actually went to sales as customers, went out to eat, window shopped, cooked out, watched movies... and went to bed at decent hours...

This morning I walked out into the crisp, cool air and stood in the breeze for a long while. I decided to stroll down to the old garden spot by the creek then walk up the driveway to listen to nothing but the sounds of the woods with wind moving through the trees.

Morning around here is always a joyous thing when everyone is at home, the aroma of brewing coffee mixes with the sounds of cartoons, palm sanders, barking dogs, and the Grateful Dead to create an image of home. Welcome sights of visitors walking down the driveway with kids in tow are met with peaceful smiles as the day lays out its plans for everyone.

This time of year ushers in a season of retrospect for most people, a time to take a moment and reflect on all that has passed in the last year. The year has been ripe with changes, good things and tragic moments have befallen people near to us. Dear people have departed while new ones have arrived with fresh faces and wonder showing in eyes experiencing everything for the first time. As I walked around the woods this morning I could detect hints of woodsmoke in the air, the smell brought a strange comfort to me, like coming home after a long journey.

Walking back down the driveway I was met with the sight of a six year old chasing panic ridden dogs with a nerf gun of his own design, adjusted just so to get maximum fire power, the sounds of music only a rebellious sixteen year old could enjoy, and the voice of his mother who doesn't understand why the child thinks she can hear her phone conversation over the wall of noise he has created...

Coming home is a good thing.

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Junebug said...

Love the thoughts in your blog.
Miss that beautiful driveway.
I like the quiteness at your house.Wood sounds,birds and animals make it nicer.
A lot different then city dwellings.