August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck

Here are a few comments I copied from one site featuring a discussion of the Glenn Beck rally in Washington this past weekend....

Glenn Beck is a fag & he knows it... god dam cock sucker

I have never seen such a large gathering of uneducated hillbillies. Sure, some may have an education, but they are still hillbillies in my book.

Yeah I got tea. I got tea in my cabinet, in jars, iced in the fridge. None for the l.a.m.e at a Beck rally.

Obama's worst nightmare - A hiIIbiIIy voter!

White trash on parade.
Sure glad I live in Carrboro.

They've done nothing to bring this country together, and everything in their power to pull the country apart. That crowd was full of self important white people. It is not representative of our country as a whole in any way, shape or form. It's only representative of one segment of the population that has been whipped into a faux frenzy based on the rantings of right wing pundits.

It looks like the most prevelant fashion accessory at the rally was doughy, white, blubbery flesh! Have another donut!

This is your brain on beck.

do these dumb f*cks not have jobs and blame Obama instead of the RepubliCONS who cherish outsourcing and treating workers like slaves?

They should call it the Million Moran March

Thats one big Klan meeting!

IQ of the Lincoln Memorial Area Dropped by 80 points for the duration of this event.

sadly, the stupidity factor seems to be growing exponentially.

This is horrifying that there are this many ignorant people willing to show their faces in public

Can beck spell honor let alone define it?

I have some snake oil to sell if you'd like to buy it. I'm sure you would. Restoring honor? Restoring fear and hate mongering is more like it.

Beck is a shyster. His attempt to claim the civil rights movement is just the bottom of the barrel. Its hard to see how much lower he and the Tea Party can drag political discourse in America.

My heart went all a flutter when I saw the keywords RIP and Glenn Beck.

how sad to be so easily duped. it's beck that wil be "outed" for the fraud he is. then who will be your "christian" saviour?

Glenn Beck has convinced me to do so by showing the soiled, corrupt face of the Republican party

Did he really do this on MLK's day?? Really? Wow, that's a total slap in the face

It's time to get out there. This can't stand, You can't let people get away with this garbage.

It's sad that so many Americans are so desperate to have a leader. What a sad bunch of followers and blind believers.

"there is a sucker (Fox News viewer) born every minute".

Glen Beck is the grand puppet master of the stupid, and the puppets are so stupid they dont know there strings are being pulled, sad state of affairs in america.

Tea-baggers have no words of their own, no thoughts of their own, no values of their own, no goals of their own. They're a fan club, nothing more. They eat, drink, sleep, think, & speak precisely what their media demagogues tell them to, all the while heedless that they are really being treated with open contempt, laughed at behind their backs.

Sorry, 'baggers and baguettes.... but your "MILLION M0R0N MARCH" fizzled..

We must no longer allow the thugs & the haters, those who conjure the pounding of jackbooted lockstep with every utterance to hijack our language as they have our culture..

I didn't get a chance to laugh at any of Becks jokes today, but, I did crack a rib laughing at all of the clowns he rounded up out on the mall though.

That sound we are hearing over the horizon is the rest of the world laughing at us.

beck must die

This dirtbag is the worst hate speaker in history. He spues his propoganda and the sheep eat it up like the morons they are. He shouldve been aborted.

I kept waiting for the lone educated person to snipe his ass, then I remembered. They are all uneducated rubes from the south.

I'm sure Beck sleeps with nine year old boys.

All these fat white people are making me sick.

When are the neocons going to learn that we have the country now and we are going to get our fair share, stupid fucks.

there is no god, beck can suck my cock

the tooth to person ratio was unbelievable

No wonder white guys chase black women, look what they get to sleep with.


Just me... said...

Sheesh... And these are the ones that claim to have cornered the market on tolerance?

One comment did kind of cause me to laugh.. That the DC IQ dropped 80 pts during this rally..


From what I've seen of it, if DC dropped 80 IQ points they'd be measuring it in the negatives!! :):):)

Eve said...

Wow, just because you're religious, doesn't mean your a hillbilly... or racist. I've never read a more uneducated, racist, hate-infused list of comments. Obviously they just looked at pictures of it instead of listening to it.