April 13, 2011

The hiking stick from the secret spot

Back down in the woods there is a pond that's quiet and peaceful... We use it from time to time as an escape from the noise and mess of every day life and useless people.

To drive the kawasaki mule down there after midnight, park on the dam and look for ufos is a favorite pastime. We fish there and do some serious thinking as well... The pond sits at the bottom of a favored hollow where I played as a child. The creek I used to dam up from time to time feeds the pond. The dirt road we rode our bikes on ran across the creek and continued on to the old chimney where a plantation once sat.

This past week was spring break and James spent many hours down there with his uncle Jimmy catching all manner of fish, each day brought new smiles and tales of the many that got away.

The dogwoods are blooming, pollen is in full force and colors are exploding at every step out in the woods. Spring is here.

I took the kawsaki mule down to the pond and looked back up the hill toward an old fort we had as kids and started walking through the woods. I picked my way through the poplars, oaks, and dogwoods until I happened across a good sweet gum tree... I cut part of it off, took it back to the mule and cut all of the limbs off. I then cut several pieces to carve. The first was for this fifty five inch hiking stick. I then took a few pieces for what I call "limb carvings" where I leave a bit of the limbs on... about six pieces in total.

I picked the tree because of it's size and the view it had of the pond where we have spent so much time. The tree has watched over us as we have talked, fished and napped in the sunlight. It held vigil over us and made sure we were safe as we scanned the night skies for those elusive ufos, it listened as James asked questions and I fumbled through the answers to sate his never ending curiosity, it sat silent in its wisdom as I have been by the water's edge contemplating the many twists and turns of life... and now, it rests in our home, keeping watch over us at all times..