June 22, 2010

Carving for the gulf...

The gulf oil spill has and is decimating the ecology and and lives in the region. It isn't much, but I am going to begin selling carvings and then sending all of the money directly to families in the region. This is a difficult thing to do, its very hard to first find people in the gulf region that are hurting and get in touch with them directly. I'm being very selective about this for personal reasons. This region of our country is being destroyed and the politics of it mean little to me.

Many of these people have no idea where their next meal is coming from, I can not accept that. I am not interested in dealing with any organization, government office or anything of that ilk. I am going to find these people myself, contact them, then sell something and give them the money, simple as that. I want them to get one hundred percent of the money... not any less.

I went through many emails and phone calls but have finally found a family that has worked on fishing boats for generations. They do not own a boat but work for others that do. Right now they have no income, pride being what it is, they shall remain anonymous. I have spoken in length with them and heard their story and understand what they are going through.

I am placing this dogwood walking stick I carved up for an auction. The walking stick sales for $50... The starting bid is $100

Like I said, it isn't much, but as an American who has loved the Gulf Coast for my entire life, I can no longer engage in bullshit debates over fault, or lend time to cynical do nothing people who just don't give a damn. So, what I can do will be done.

If you wish to place a bid on this walking stick email me at crickhollowcarving@gmail.com, call me at 678-423-6541, or click on the Crickhollow Studios Facebook link to your left and contact me that way. We plan on doing this periodically and will include jewelry, walking sticks and other carvings... It's time we all got off our asses and did something to help these people.

I will take bids on this piece until noon Friday, then ship it out that afternoon to the highest bidder...

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