October 03, 2009

Up in Smoke... 2009

Today we did our second Coweta Up in Smoke BBQ cook off. It was a pretty good day, we were tired, but had a great time. The crowd of shoppers was constant and they gave us very good feedback. We sold several items and stayed busy, so I didn't have the opportunity to take as many pictures as I would have liked. So here are a few of the highlights....

Honor guard from the fire department getting ready walk to the stage for the opening ceremony.

We arrived very early again and were ready long before the gates opened.

Julie had a brisk business all day.

The singing of the national anthem.

It was ungodly early to have been so busy.

She saw the club & had to have it..

Several old friends stopped by to say hello, it was a good time.

My brother was on stage singing as his son watched on with Grandpa.

There was good bbq to be had every few feet. The food was amazing.

I even got to touch base with an old friend from school... haven't seen him in twenty four years, it's amazing how time flies. (what is going on with the two guys in the background comparing muscles?)

She picked a walking stick that is one of my personal favorites.

He was my first customer. He was part of a cook team and stopped by as we were setting up. A very nice guy who's team was serving up some great food, Stumpy's barbecue.. look for them soon, it's good stuff.

The kids played hard all day and were worn out by the time it was winding down.

The National guard was on the scene giving helicopter rides.

My brother played two sets during the day to entertain the crowd.

It was a sunny day and we all ended up tired and sunburned, but it was a good day, as all days should be.

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John Pender said...

Wish I could have made it this time. I'm always up for barbecue! Hopefully next year. I need to come up with some kind of craft to sell.