October 01, 2009

Crickhollow at the BBQ cook off

This Saturday, October 3rd, we will be selling some of our work at the 5th annual Coweta up in Smoke BBQ cook off. The event will be held at the Coweta County fairgrounds, gates open at 10:00 A.M.

We will have jewelry, walking sticks, and various bits and pieces of things that we have created over the past few months. So please come out and enjoy some good food and buy a few things from us!


John Pender said...

Man, I really wish I could come down, but the notice was just too short this time. Sometimes I hate having a full schedule.

Just me... said...

Oh, it's all lovely..
But that black and silver with the black teardrop is GORGEOUS!!
Wish I could go too!
Great wares and BBQ too!! Yum!! :)

wendy said...

ooohh a Ouija board! Do you have a planchette to go with it?

Dana said...

I do wish I could make it! You know I'm a huge fan of the walking sticks and that cross in the first pic? If it doesn't sell this weekend we need to "talk"

Junebug said...

Awesome if all these don't sell I'll wonder why?
I love that cross!It is beautiful.