December 09, 2008

Taking Mom to the book store...

we went to pick up mom, this is her Christmas tree

i had to take a pic of one of the few photos of me as a baby

on the way through town

on the court square

the tree in front of the book store

Patrick, James, Julie, and mom

Patrick, mom, and James

Julie and mom

Julie, me, and mom

more tree

Jennifer at the coffee shop in the book store

she makes the best drinks, here she is scooping some of mine out to put in a sample cup for James

James searching for a book

Christmas selection

Thomas distraction station

Patrick looking for a good read

i would take any of these...

the fountain in front of the tree

James, me and Patrick...

We had set out to look at Christmas lights and saw a few throughout town, I plan on taking a walking tour around the square and some of the neighborhoods to get some good photographs for an upcoming post... But the time spent with Julie, the kids and Mom was well spent...


C.S. Perry said...

They have a neat little train on the square that's perfect for pictures.

kundun said...

your mom is looking good, how is she doing? the family is looking good, too. obviously, the bookstore was b&n...train distraction station gave it well as the b&n book editions. i can't go there without finding a carload of books i want... i just don't have the carload of money. well, i think the indigestion/acid reflux attack (it's the reason i'm up at this time) is subsiding so i'll go to bed (sleep in the recliner) now.

The Angry Georgian said...

Your mom's tree reminds me. I want to set up my train this year. I haven't dragged that thing out in ages.

Ronnie said...

Hey Clay,
I'm nearly a nieghbor. Live in McDonough. I haven't been to Newnan is 8 years. It looks beautiful and is inspiration for a trip. Thanks for the vicarious Christmas tour.
Looks like I'll be busy for a while checking out all your links and art work. Thanks!

LADY ROOTS said...

Idren Clay,
Thank you for living a life that teaches your sons love of family, love of tradition and love of reading.
You are blessed with an amazing family. Love them, cherish them, share your real self with them.
Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Junebug said...

Aw that was really nice.
I loved the pictures of your mom and our Julie.Patrick and James.
Clay you look great!!!Can't wait till we can take a picture together.
I'm a little jealous of Nanny and the boys only wishing their yankee grandma could be in it to.
I enjoyed the trip with you all.I am anxious for the walking tour.When are we going on it?