September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin and politics in general

I had to tune in to see her speech because I knew nothing about her. I spent some time after her appearance on stage and did some digging into her votes, views and opinions. The die hard socialists have wasted no time in ripping her to pieces, one only needs to spend a few seconds at huffinton, democratic underground, or daily kos to get an instant picture of what they think of her.

Business as usual, politics never changes. She has been accused of lying, having affairs, attempting to get a state trooper fired, saying her child born in april was hers when in fact it was her daughters, making porn movies, being stupid, mean, and a bitch.

She did back the infamous “bridge to nowhere” until she saw which way the political winds were blowing, she has lobbied Washington for lots of money for Alaska, and she did increase the tax rates in her state. She delivered the speech well. The speech has been labeled as an attack piece, there were jabs at obama and biden, but why not? Come on, minions of these guys accused her of saying that her child was hers so that she wouldn’t have to say that he was her daughter’s. That is why she moved ahead and admitted that her seventeen year old daughter is pregnant. God knows unwed teen pregnancy is unheard of. One of the goons at democratic underground led with the remark, “when teen pregnancy happens in a minority urban area its sad and a reason to end welfare, when it happens to affluent white people it’s a reason to celebrate and worship at the alter of anti-abortion”. What place does this sort of dribble have in politics? None, it doesn’t accomplish a damn thing, but sadly it works. That’s why attack ads are used… They work.

As I have said on multiple occasions, regardless of the rhetorical bullshit that is spouted, the bottom line is the voting record. Go look, spend a few minutes and actually read the voting records of the four people involved in this campaign and use this information to help you decide whom it is you would like to vote for. Me, I will more than likely vote for McCain. I will not vote democrat for personal reasons, ever. The leadership of that party has said things that I, in good faith, will not forgive. I would follow the libertarian party as I agree with most of what they stand for, but the foreign policy issues they put forward stop me from listening to much else they have to say.

Am I a conservative? Not really. I would label myself a pragmatist. More often than not when I look at a situation and consider the options, actions, and possible outcomes – I usually find myself siding with the dreaded right wing nuts… In some cases, in theory only. They preach it, but rarely walk it, as is normally the case in politics.

Where I stand on issues:

Abortion – I think that it should be up to individual states as to the legality of the practice.
I do not like it, it’s used more as a method of birth control for those of us too lazy to take a pill or roll a condom on than for cases of incest or harm to the mother or fetal deformation and quality of life issues. These situations are actually rare, but understood, and should be legal. But at the same time… It is the law of the land and if you want it to be illegal, then work within the system to change the laws, don’t shoot a doctor. I find late term abortions to be pretty sick and don’t mind a ban on them so much. If you can’t figure out that you are pregnant by that time you have more serious problems than not being able to figure out how to sheathe a penis with a rubber balloon, and may just want to consider putting it up for adoption.

Gay marriage - How do two gay people getting married harm the sanctity of my marriage? There are several issues that fall under this one. I am for freedom. I think that you should be able to have whoever you want on your insurance policy regardless of whether they are related to you or not. I think that you should be able to file your taxes jointly with whomever you want to. I think that its up to the individual as to who it is that can visit them in the hospital.


2nd Amendment - In favor of it. (see federalist papers for definition of militia) Criminals by nature are cowards, they will not accost someone that will or can kill them, see (Kennesaw Ga.)

Dependency on oil – Is it indeed a fossil fuel? We should drill here, as much as we can. Rebuild our infrastructure to support the growing population, and develop alternative methods such as wind, solar, and biofuels (see veggie van) so that they are realistically affordable to the average citizen.

Border control – Shut it the hell down. Close military bases where they are, relocate them to the border, build a wall, whether real or virtual, and make everyone entering this country do it legally.

Size of Government – It should be about one twentieth of what it is now. The federal government should maintain the military and that’s about it. Everything else should be handled by the individual states.

Term limits – Two terms for every elected official, from local to state to federal. This would get rid of career politicians, the scourge of our wallets. This is why I haven’t remarked on the “experience” argument of either obama or Palin, I am all for a true citizen government.

Sarah Palin seems ok, she has voted for things I do not agree with, but then they all do. I’m sure I will vote their ticket. After all, there seems to be no one running on a platform of issues I agree with completely.


HeartofGoldPlate said...

I'm voting for her because she has the same last name as the Monty Python guy who my friend TJ looks like!

Seriously, I have no idea who I'm voting for and I haven't paid enough attention to really make a decision. I've had other things to think about this year.

The Angry Georgian said...

McCain here. And it's not just because Palin's hot.

Pelmo said...

Great post. Refreshing to read an honest opinion without all the partisan bullshit. Will have to visit more often.

Anonymous said...

Gay marriage - How do two gay people getting married harm the sanctity of my marriage?

Psst... they can adopt children.

Clay Perry said...

once they adopt said children, my marriage is affected how?

Boo said...

I'm so happy to read a pragmatic viewpoint devoid of rhetoric and hatespeak.

I agree with you on many of your positions, I often surprise myself with how conservative I am on certain issues. Abortion is too complicated for me to really hold a firm position on. I could never ever kill a child growing inside me for anything other than a medical reason, however I am really not in any place to dictate to anyone how to live their lives.

I still can't figure out how gay marriage hurts society and the sanctity of hetero marriage. My husband and I are married to each other as a symbol of our commitment to each other, and the tax benefits we get filing jointly with a butt-load of dependents.

I'm also free to pursue any other relationship I deem worthy of my time, and as long as it remains a healthy relationship that isn't doing nasty things to my marriage then my husband doesn't see much point in limiting my happiness.

Ideally, I'd have the freedom to form domestic bonds with however many people of whatever sex I saw fit for my life. It is, after all, MY LIFE. No one should be able to tell me who I can and cannot be with.

Anonymous said...

People used to run into a temple for
sanctity, protection, and wise counsel. Then people set up their own temples with drugs, people trafficking, and bomb plotting. So temples are no such refuge for the conscious.

Marriage. People set up their own forms of selfish marriages with child molestation, open relationships, and no fault walk-aways. Marriages are no such refuge for the children. marriage is affected how?

Your wife is fair game.

...I'd have the freedom to form domestic bonds with however many people of whatever sex I saw fit for my life. It is, after all, MY LIFE. No one should be able to tell me who I can and cannot be with.

"domestic bonds"... such emptiness.

Clay Perry said...

im curious, my wife is at risk how?

Boo said...

My question is similar to Clay's, Anonymous- what gives you the knowledge to declare my domestic bonds empty?

You know nothing of my life, my relationships, my morality, desire, urges, or any other such thing.

You may choose to imply that what I said includes sanctioning relationships with those incapable of consent, but that's disingenuous and inflammatory rhetoric commonly thrown around by those with no recognizable tolerance, understanding, or compassion.

Do you have anything intelligent, original, or constructive to contribute?

Anonymous said...

You don't get it.

A Nigerian informed me she married her cousin to get a passport because English marriages mean nothing. Now what made her ever think there could be lesser or greater versions of marriage?

What feminises the mind so much that flicky licky sucky ducky makes a woman or feminised male so proud to be liberated while penetrated? A lack of conscience, insight and counter-intuition.

She has bags of intuition she reads into the stars and has no inhibition.

That's one black hole you do not want to be suckered into... as you'll never get out alive.

Anonymous said...

im curious, my wife is at risk how?

Man see wedding ring on your wife and entertains no thoughts of getting to know her.

Male sees wedding ring and assumes partner like himself unable to see marriage as a noble sanctity and recollects for chat up line

Female sees wedding ring and thinks of domestic-bonding bliss.

Clay Perry said...

it seemed a simple question, yet remains unanswered. how does that effect the sanctity of my marriage? how does that put my wife at risk? if two gay people adopt a child?

i do get what you are saying. other opinions and lifestyles aside, im speaking of my marriage. guys have hit on my wife & they were not gay, they were married heterosexuals.

in order for it to effect my marriage my wife must be responsive. yet my wife laughs it off.

lord knows there is never any child molestation, physical, verbal, or emotional abuse committed by heterosexual people is there?

instead of looking to define an individual by what they do with their genitalia, perhaps you should attempt to seek what motivates them through their character.

Anonymous said...

Clay, you answered your question "how is my marriage affected?"

...there is never any child molestation, physical, verbal, or emotional abuse committed by heterosexual people is there?

Marriage was created to protect from every heterosexual-this and bihomotransexual-that. These are molesters, drawing strength from each copulation, Adult or Child, for they seek what they do not have. In marriage you are enabled to learn what love is. They do not discover this. It's quite a journey to become free.

You may have had X?$$% for brains when you first met your partner but if you are now the taxi driver and door stop in exchange for a bit of "domestic bonding" you are a wimp and females of both genders will see how far they can go with you.

Clay Perry said...

"...there is never any child molestation, physical, verbal, or emotional abuse committed by heterosexual people is there?"

thats was pure ass sarcasm

i do not believe that all homosexuals are molesters just as i do not believe that all heterosexuals are molesters

your description of marriage is nice, i like that a "journey", that is true, but each person's journey is different. i think that gay people are just as capable of traveling this journey as heterosexual people are, you simply cant define a person because of who they have sex with, it becomes too restrictive, and limits life. there are limits to be sure,if your partner cant agree to it, dont do it.

Anonymous said...

i do not believe that all homosexuals are molesters just as i do not believe that all heterosexuals are molesters

Homosexuals and heterosexuals are, by definition, molesters. They identify themselves by their sexual incontinence and call it Pride. Whilst a Bisexual is someone who is a victim to all who will show them a little attention. It is a shallow and loveless existence.

These people seek out your child. They can't help it. Image is all they have to relate to. Life to them is a flee-from-decay or to take from another.

We never even heard of the term Heterosexual as a collection of sanctified feelers until the UK masses were intimidated to believe sodomy was a normal and healthy practice. The Liberals want to be nice to everyone.

It's like believing in "Blacks". There are no Blacks. Never were. Until you believed them to be a victim group. Now healthy people can claim a disability that is not theirs. You'll believe them. You'll pay for it.

Phobias make people rich. People become guilty for judging so they can be easily intimidated to giving by a little pressure. A gypsy in full costume cries forlornly for money she does not need and you give guiltily because you judged her. She'll change into her designer jeans and mingle again in the crowd. But the guilt offering made you feel better.... and she despises you for it.

Because your affection is only so you can go on pretending to the world your an OK nice kinda guy.

You think homosexuals like you Breeder? They are far far ahead of you.

Your looking away, to not see the underlying cause for human mysery to use sex for self-esteem has led to the UK today unable to deal with any intolerant ideologies of the Left and Right. You did not stand your ground, the middle ground, you backed of, making the world a smaller and smaller place for children to roam freely in. Now your kids are taught to put a condom on from the age of seven and you want to think it's for a better world.

The Sociopaths are taking over the asylum, and you're darn sure you're not going to offend anyone.

So my advice, when a slut tell you s/he's into domestic bonding, just kick her out the house. You don't want her near any child to watch how she gets around her 'men'.

Clay Perry said...


Jules said...

Wow...that's a lot to digest. I just wanted you all to know that even though Clay has been warned his wife is "fair game" I don't feel I am in any imminent danger. All is well.

Patrick said...

I feel the same way, and besides, my mother would never cheat on my dad.