September 18, 2008


2008 is the year that just keeps giving.... We have three dogs, Dot, Red, and Quasi. We had five, but one died earlier this year of natural causes, she was older than Moses... And another was run over in the road. This morning as Patrick, my fourteen year old, was waiting on the bus a neighbor came by. Without slowing down, swerving, or even STOPPING, he ran over our dog Quasi. In front of Patrick. Patrick loves his dogs, and this was a bit much for him to deal with.

He came back inside and told me what happened, I was in the shower and told him that I would be there as soon as possible. After hopping out, doing the quick dress, and dash up the long driveway, I discovered that no one was there... No dog, no Patrick, nothing. I looked all over for the dog but couldn't find him. I ran back to the house and got James, the four year old, out of bed, dressed and on the way to school. I called my wife to tell her, then went back home to look for the dog. My wife met me there and we looked all over to no avail. I went on to work.

My wife called me later on and told me that Mr. Beavers, the local trash collector, had stopped by and told her that he witnessed what had happened...

"Your boy was waiting for the bus and the dogs were running around him, when this little white car came flyin' down the road doin' about fifty or sixty and just hit the dog.." "You could tell that man was in a bad mood already from just they way he was drivin' and the look on his face, So I waited for the bus while your boy went to get his Dad, and then after he left I just took the dog with me to the vet. When I got done there I went back to confront the guy and told them what I thought about it, but the s.o.b. just slammed the door in my face."

It turns out that the guy dragged the dog for a while resulting, of course, in lots of road rash. Luckily, that was all the damage he had. My wife went to the vet and picked him up this afternoon and paid the bill. We are aware that letting the dogs run loose is a violation of local leash laws and take full responsibility for the incident. Rest assured they will not leave our property again. My anger is that the cock wad never stopped or slowed down and did it right in front of Patrick.

As you can see Quasi is on the mend, a wee bit pitiful but still here. How I am going to handle the situation I'm still not sure, but the jerk ass is related to us somehow....

Thanks prick boy, you helped my son to have a great day!


Jules said...

Oh my poor boy! He really is pitiful. Didn't even know who I was at first when I picked him up. Just gave me the trout face. But it finally filtered through his drug induced haze and he rallied enough to give me a lick on my cheek before laying his head on my shoulder. I let him this one time, he deserved it.
While I am sad for my fur baby the thought keeps entering my head...would he have stopped if it was Patrick? They were so close together when it happened and according to what I was told he was going so fast. Keep in mind while you might not worry about animals in the road that kids play here...slow down, bad day or not.

HeartofGoldPlate said...

when I come visit next time we'll do mean things to his house.

Ok, not really. We'll just hope and pray that karma comes and hits him going 60.

I think I cried more after I read that he was ok. I didn't realize how wound up about it I was all day.

Anonymous said...

Quasi was very lucky.Lucky Mr.Beavers was in the right
place at the right time.He couldn't stop tha hit and
run,but he could give Patrick some help.He also is one of St.Francis of Assisi(patron saint of animals)special helpers.
I hope thid driver is made aware this time it was someone's pet.Next time it could be someones child.

Boo said...

I watched my pup get hit by a car under very similar circumstances. The driver didn't stop for her, either. Luckily, I was able to take the plate number of the car and report the offender to the local constabulary. In most places it isn't illegal to hit a pet, but it is illegal not to stop and offer aide if you do. I'd check into your local legislation and see if the same holds true for your area. It is reprehensible to do what this lovely neighbor has done. You have both my sympathy and my righteous anger.

The Angry Georgian said...

Poor little guy! If he was a cat I could care less, but I love dogs.
For what it's worth, I have a rocket launcher.

Jules said...

A rocket launcher could be quite handy...we'll keep that in mind. I don't mind cats but my dogs really like for dinner. So that wouldn't be such a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I've lost several pets to drivers over the years, each time is as painful as the one before. My heart breaks for Patrick having to witness it-what a feeling- not being able to do a thing about it!
Yes, I agree about the leash law, but at least stop and say you're sorry if anything!! I think we're in for more of the same crap now that he seems to be living down there.*he just went speeding by!-ap