August 15, 2008


Well the first week of school has come and gone. His report card is a good one. He now knows how to count to one and that the first letter of the alphabet is apple... He doesn't understand why they won't let him go to two or bumblebee yet, but he says they are a bit slow for him, but "Not everyone knows it yet so we have to wait on the slowpokes.." He did have to give in and leave his prized rifle at home, the director's husband spoke to him and let him know that some kids might like it and want to take it home. He then told us that he didn't want anyone to start complaining about kids playing with toy guns at daycare. I knew it was coming, so it's not a big deal, especially since me and the guy made a man-date to zero in his new scope on Sunday afternoon...
He has fit in beautifully. He talks non stop about the activities they have participated in. His favorite part is riding the car on the playground, he told me all about the big car that he climbs on while his new friend Chaz drives them to find dinosaurs. The loss of the beloved rifle has come to pass with no drama at all. As you can see he steps back into full gear each evening when he gets home... Reminds me of Huck saying that he has to hide up in the attic at the widow's house and cuss for ten minutes just to get the taste back in his mouth.
His schedule is regimented and fixed in stone, which is what kids need. So he is sleeping and eating good. Although today he said he couldn't sleep because the radio wasn't working and the little kids made his ears hurt. But on the up side he got to be a line leader and helper today. I asked what line leader meant and he told me that, "You get to be first on the playground, but you can't open the door, only the big loud lady can do that"
So here we go again, macaroni letters on the fridge, painted hand prints on the bedroom door, teeth marks on the arm from the mean kids, letters from the director about the teeth marks he left on the other kids, the latest little "bug" being brought home for all to enjoy, sticky fingers, snotty noses, and sugar highs, endless running and noise... and you know what... I love every damn minute of it....


Jules said...

Me too Big daddy, me too. Even though there are days I could literally lose my mind I wouldn't trade a minute of the time with the boys...not a single, solitary second.

Anonymous said...

Loved James first week at schoolthrough your eyes.
It seems like he did too!
I thought he would like it.Especially when there were other children his age.

HeartofGoldPlate said...

I think he's going in at a good age. Plus he seems to have Julie's social butterfly gene. Patrick is more like me and doesn't know how to pull it off.

I'm so glad he has someone to look for dinosaurs with. I wish I could be 4 again so I could go look with them.

Anonymous said...

Can I borrow him for a while? These damn pterodactyls are getting out of hand.