June 03, 2008

Proof positive

this is my horoscope for this month:

You are such a charming devil that you turn any gathering into a happening merely by being present. So, if on the 1st you swing by a cocktail party, grab yourself a summertime spritzer and a melon ball or two, and get ready to have a blast. You're about to turn this soiree into something much greater than the sum of its parts. Don't be surprised if you make the society column! By the 4th and 5th, it looks like you're social calendar will be so full, you'll be penciling in the margins. This is great, but do make sure you getting enough sleep and make sure you're rounding out your diet with more than wine coolers and melon balls! By the 10th, you'll need to examine at the little things. Have you been flossing? How are your cuticles? Do you need new socks for summertime? The 15th is a good time for you to back off if you're feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, or just plain off. Nobody can be the life of the party all month long! On the 20th, a problem at work will catch you off guard. Attend to it right away, and on yhe 26th, be nice to your boss. End the month on the 30th, by finishing up something you started at the beginning.

ok, does anyone that knows me agree with the me that this stuff is bs?

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Jules said...

Yes, I do agree. It is like fortune telling...in hindsight you can make anything fit. I would love it if something like this were true so we could try and figure out this crazy life but so far I remain unconvinced.