March 27, 2012

Hand carved walking stick - Dragonfly

A few weeks ago I took a walk with my brother around the back of my property. We checked out a few things we haven't seen since we were kids and just enjoyed the day. On the way back down the northeastern property line he spotted a dogwood tree with an unusual limb...

I went back out there a few days later, armed with my saw, and cut the limb from the tree. Once I had shaved the bark from the piece I sat it to the side and left it to dry for a while, occasionally letting my eyes drift over toward it wondering what I should do with it. I finally decided to start working with it and just let my mind wander as I did, so I could see what image would turn up on it.

I drew on it with a pencil for a while and discovered that an image of a dragonfly had appeared, so I went with that...

Dogwood, 41" dragonfly walking stick - $50

If you are interested in this piece you can reach me at:


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