August 07, 2010

Human tragedy

There are times in life when we are tested.

The test I'm speaking of is questioning the workings of the universe, loss of faith in other words. Whether you have placed your faith in a religion, a specific God, or new age crystal rubbing we are tried from time to time.

Each day you can see an endless stream of grief on any news channel. Our morbid curiosity of things of this nature has always fascinated me. It's when these things hit a little close to home that we find ourselves stopping and wondering about life and our existence.

A few years ago I was fortunate enough to become friends with another blogger. We came to know each other and our families came to become friends. A free spirit who enjoys life and finds inspiration in everything, I always enjoy reading her blog and got a big kick about stories she would tell about the day to day grind we all suffer through.

With life you never know whats going to come your way and their family was dealt a series of blows that left them reeling and wondering what was coming next. Always an optimist, she found the good points in all the mess and fought on. I haven't heard much from her over the past few months, but in the updates I did get everything it seemed as if it was coming together for them. This always made me and Julie smile... A few days ago I got an email from her that told about a fire that took place in their home. They lost two of their children.

A parent losing a child is one of, if not the worst, tragic twists of life's fate. The human condition tells us to go on. Life does continue for the survivors, yet... with the most profound of losses hanging in our soul. The mantras of karmic justification roll through our minds with the final truth being that we were indeed blessed with the time we had with those that have now gone on.

Julie and I wept upon hearing the news for both the ones lost and the ones who are left behind to pick up the pieces. We wished, beyond logic, for the power to make all this go away. There is pain, and I wish that there was something that we could do to help take that pain away. We wish for their family that hope remains in the face of such loss, and that one day they can all find the voice of inspiration and feel peace once again.

Keep strong, we love you guys...

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Dana said...

This event shook many of us to the core of our beliefs ... and continues to.