July 25, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Naked

A second rate actress and train crash in the making by the name of lindsay lohan gets drunk, wrecks a few cars, violates probation and then is sent to prison.

And it is "news"

This woman is a bug. Bugs are a dime a dozen. They can be found in every place humans exist. A bug is defined as a human that has no soul, exists through lies and manipulation of those around them, for no apparent reason. They have no creativity or originality in them what so ever. They are mimics at best and sociopaths at worst. They seek to control their surroundings and have fits of despair when this can't happen. Aside from outright slaughter, the quickest and most effective way to destroy a bug is to ignore it, they wither quickly, but will almost always explode before they vanish, seeking to take as many people with them as possible.

While channel surfing the other day I was amazed to see her all over the television. There were lengthy programs on air dedicated to tales of her drunken debauchery and the relationship she has with her father. Is this where we are headed as a society? Giving this much attention to spiders such as this?

Welcome to the cult of celebrity.

While we are bombarded with images of the behavior of these people in print, on television and on line. There are many more regular people doing what must be done on a daily basis, and these vampires feed off of them. I am amazed that there are real businesses built entirely on the actions of bugs. Televison programs, web sites, magazines... all built around what these people do when they are simply walking down the street. The people who head these outlets actually get excited when one of these bugs breaks the law, they know they are about to make more money... its almost like cops is the poor man's entertainment tonight...

Between the stories popping up on "news" outlets of this whore's antics and mel gibsons tirades you could almost find out about some legitimate news occurring here and there, like north korea threatening nuclear attacks if south korea and the United States go ahead with military maneuvers in the area, or U.S. military personnel being kidnapped in afghanistan. God forbid alfred e newman over in iran bombs israel with one of those nukes they aren't trying to build, they might have to interrupt the twenty-four hour news cycle with something of substance.

Once all of the corporate mergers are complete and the internet has become as policed as the news media is now, we shall all be blissfully ignorant of everything that happens. I shall be first in line for the lobotomy... I'm quite tired of thinking.


Dana said...

I have never understood the fascination with celebrities ... and I hope I never do!

Anonymous said...