March 23, 2010

The health care reform bill

Throughout human existence there have been political methodologies used over and over. They have been used repeatedly because they, well.. work. The most popular of these appears to be smear the opposition.

But you must look deeper.

When it became apparent that the alphabet organizations (nsa, fbi, cia) dropped the ball in the lead up to the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001 by not "connecting the dots" when non citizen middle eastern men wanted to learn just how to fly the plane and not land it, people went a little sideways. Justifiably so...

And here we are again. The conservative end of the spectrum here in this country is convinced that the world and the Republic are crashing down around us. The Liberal end of the same group of people in this country are appalled at the behavior of the conservatives, while going sideways because the health care reform bill doesn't go far enough in providing us with a single payer system, meaning free health care. I love how its harsh to hurl insults to politicians now... Bush certainly never got any of that did he? Its also cute to laugh at how people are reacting with such paranoia over a bill... anyone remember the patriot act? You know the one the democrats assured you would strip you of all your freedoms, the same democrats that voted to keep it in place a little while ago?

The problem with free health care is that it isn't free. The money must come from somewhere. When you need money, where do you go? To the people that have it.. And that certainly isn't the federal government, because they are broke. So they must go to the people that they work for and get the money.

Do you go to your employer at the end of the month when it becomes apparent that you went out to eat way too many times and can't pay your utility bills and say, "We had a budget shortfall this past month so we are going to have to increase the amount of funds we get from you by charging you a user fee for the commute we make every day in our vehicle, then there is going to be a vote in my house next week to decide how much we are going to charge you in clothing fees since we buy them ourselves and wear them here at work... we will get back to you on this.." No, you don't do that. But government does. All levels of it, local, state and federal.

There are endless examples of skulduggery perpetrated by government as a whole, just google government waste and read. With the passage of this bill people are screaming all over the place that this is a new level of 'insert soapbox comment here'

But hold on just a wee moment...

Racial slurs tossed out to government representatives? Homophobic cat calls made to others? Lunatic talking heads stirring up paranoia?

You're kidding right?

"The level of vitriol taking place in this country right now is at epic proportions"

Really? Read a little history, IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY.

It's business as usual, everywhere. You know what is going to happen when one party gets in office. You know... They are going to bitch and complain about the other party. They use media to get people excited and drive them to desire to hop up on a soap box and blather and froth at the mouth about how stupid everybody is that doesn't think like you do, dress like you do, act like you do, live like you do, have the same educational background that you do.... so forth and so on...

They use people and twist them into xenophobes...

Hate mail will come, death threats be damned. But just try stopping for a second to connect a few of the dots bouncing around in front of you. Regardless of what is in a bill that passes through congress, regardless of how many schools are needed in your district, or roads, or stop signs, or jobs, blah blah blah..

The end result is exactly the same at every turn.. The amount of money taken from the citizens of this country to fund government as a whole goes up every year.

Do you really think that there is one politician in Washington DC that gives a rats ass whether you have insurance or not? They are for sale... And they no longer even try to hide it. They cut deals with each other for what?


And why?


If most of us dumb masses were in a position to do this we would. We tell ourselves we wouldn't, but we would. A guy walks up to you and says, "Hey.. you know if you vote this way I will pay off your mortgage..." We would say simply... "umm ok... But make it look legal and ethical..."

In this bill taxes will be raised on people who earn 200k or more a year. Now, again, connect a few dots. The bulk of these people are small business owners. Single owner incorporated businesses. If the business grosses more than 200 to 250k a year their taxes will go up. If you work in a small business or own one you know what this means. Even though you may be on salary for 35- 60k per year with your company... The company is in your name, so YOU are responsible for said income. So before you pay a vendor for something you need to do a job, before you pay your rent, utilities, insurance premium, employee salaries, etc etc.. you have to pay more to the government... But hey thats ok... you will get a tax credit down the road.. Good luck with that...

Before you bitch about these evil rich bastards, take a few minutes to learn who they are. In most cases, they are the people you work for. The same people that sign your paycheck. They run the hardware stores and convenience stores and restaurants and book stores etc etc that you like to go check out on the weekends... Most employers in this country are not huge corporate entities that suck the will to live out of you.. They are just regular folks that had an idea they wanted to give a shot.

People complain about a government that is locked down due to partisanship. I'm all for it. When they can't pass anything that means our wallets are safe.

Term limits. No more career politicians, on any level.

So those on the left continue to spout hatred about those on the right. Those on the right continue to spout hatred about those on the left. Keep playing the game the government asshats want you to play, enjoy being a xenophobic flea, make fun of pelosi & glenn beck, jump up and down because obama is a socialist that wasn't born in this country, point out hannity's coke problem, be sure to continue to group everyone who disagrees with you into the uneducated rube category.... March along with the script prepared for you by your leaders, they are loving it... because they all learned one thing pretty well from hitler... "keep the masses confused and keep the power"... Come on people, democrats and republicans are the same. Stop fighting and look to who the real criminals are, they are smiling at us on television all the time. VOTE THEM ALL OUT OF OFFICE.

Me? I'm going to step back down off my soap box and go carve some more wood, because either damn way this goes its going to cost us all more money.


The Great Ethan Allen said...

Nice rant. I totally agree. I'll leave it at that rather that repeat what you have already said.

Deb said...

BEAUTIFUL. Isn't it interesting how it trickles right down to the "complainers"? It goes from big business (employers who pay our paychecks) to the guy who is bitching about rich people. Without the big businesses we'd be doomed. I'm not sure they took that into account. No wonder Michael Moore raves about Cuba's healthcare system. Look at how everyone lives? They're poor, but they have healthcare at hand. We're going to fall very close to that one day if this keeps up.

Rob Cole said...


My flag is official flying upside-down. Not only term limits, but hopefully, the realization that our two party system is not two party at all. It's our own damn fault.. I haven't written in my blog since last year.. because I'm disgusted.. Disgusted at how far we've let this go... We can stop it.. sadly, we don't have the courage.

toterman said...

BRAVO!!! I knew there was something I liked about you.=)We as Americans(not dems. or rebs.)need to come together and ring out as one voice against the DUMBASSES!that think they own this country. Whatever happened to BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE!I applaud you Clay and I am sure your grandfather is proud of the man you have become.Please continue to soap box for your fellow Americans.