November 07, 2009

On the Square in Newnan...

The day started early, we were set and ready by 8:45 this morning. The air was cold and the sun bright, but it was a good day. We met many people and sold a good bit of work. Several people came by to say hello and Scott's Bookstore where we were set up was busy all day. The kids were playing and the food and festivities were free flowing, small town living at it's best.

The chill in the air called for many cups of coffee and hot chocolate, but the conversations were well worth it.

Before the crowds began moving around I got a visit from Grady, an old friend from school, it's always good to catch up with people.

My view for the better part of the day. The first Saturday of each month is market day in Newnan on the square, featuring local artists selling their wares, it's a lot of fun and you get to really experience the way small town weekend days were meant to be spent.

The Christmas decorations were up and everyone seemed to be smiling.

My mother and cousins Colin and Syble stopped by to say hello.

My nephew Danny and his wife Lindsey, along with their new baby boy Jack stopped by... I made Danny a deal on a walking stick.

It's always good to see Bill and Rebecca.

My brother entertained folks with some singing and guitar playing.

My cousin Adrian came by to visit.

After reading her blog for a long while, I finally got to meet Eve.. She was very nice and her kids are a hoot.

Eves kids were ready to attack the slide and bouncing house..

She sang us a song that she wrote, she has a beautiful singing voice, very impressive talent.

There were slides, bouncing houses, and several other things for the kids to do.

The courthouse on the square

The vendors were plentiful, and had everything from honey and home made doughnuts to paintings and clothes.

I enjoyed the atmosphere and friendly nature of the town today, it was a good place to be.

James even got to have his picture made with a huge plastic Santa...

After we packed everything up, we all walked over to a local restaurant to eat. Everyone was friendly and happy and the feedback on our work was all very positive. Again, we want to thank Earlene Scott from Scott's Bookstore for inviting us to set up in front of her shop, it was a tremendous day.


John Pender said...

Glad you had such a great turnout!

Eve said...

I enjoyed meeting you guys and we're interested in getting a walking stick for Adam's father in the next month or so- no it doesn't have to be a bee stick :)

Just me... said...

It looks like you all had a great day.. Perfect weather and good friends.. What more could you want? :)
Oh, and that guy Jim?
That man has great taste in clothing!!! :):)~

drumdance said...

That was nice to read about. Glad to see Newnan does fun stuff like this.