November 01, 2009


Halloween was a bit rainy this year, but it was still fun. The day started with a blow out breakfast with the family.. A cheeseburger with an egg, who'd have thought... We ran a few errands then headed home.. In the early evening we went for dinner in town and then trick or treated at several homes nearby. Then we went to my brothers place to pass out candy to all the good little children...

We each carved a pumpkin..

Julie, James, and Patrick..

James was ready to get some candy

She went as Barbara Eden..

I was Mad Eye Moody..

I think Patrick was more interested in tricks.

I was lucky enough to run into Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall

James was in awe over the Pirate ship...

I had to get a picture of this....

James had a great time trick or treating and then playing with all the kids while flying on a sugar buzz.. When we got home he sleepily asked from the back seat, "Can I just stay here?" I carried him in the house and tucked him in, he looked so peaceful wrapped in his blanket.. still clutching his candy bag... After everything was said and done, I spent the rest of the evening reading Dracula... a tradition that I began few years ago. When I noted that the time change had taken place, I walked out onto the porch and watched as the pumpkins flickered their last bit of light and listened to to the wind moving through the trees. The moon was casting some weird shadows and I distinctly thought I saw something slipping around in the woods, so I promptly went in for a warm cup of coffee as I listened to the night sounds of home... it was a good day.


Just me... said...

Great photos!! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!
And gotta love the Gator-bait graveyard!! :):)

Junebug said...

Loved the pictures.
The video was awesome.
A good time was had by all!

John Pender said...

Holy crap! I want to come down there next year! Nobody decorates like that up here.
Go to my site and check out this month's story.