June 07, 2009

Lord have mercy.... 16 hours at Stone Mountain...

the day began at a pavilion rented by loudon communications, we were invited to come along... many thanks to them for this treat, we had a good meal right on the lake as the boats went by...
this was the view of the mountain from the pavilion..
waiting for the skylift to the top of the mountain
view from the skylift looking down, some 1600 feet...
patrick, julie & james on top of the mountain..
atlanta as seen from the top of the mountain
james loved climbing on everything
atlanta in the background
trees grow in just a few inches of patchy soil
geographical summit of the mountain
waiting on the skylift for the trip down
they hold lots of people
starting the trip down
its a long ass way down...
carving from the skylift
the carving is the exact size of a football field
people waiting in line for the trip up
view of the carving from "memorial mall"
patrick, julie & james on the mall
locust blending well with the granite
dr.'s cabin on the plantation
one of the slave cabins
inside the slave cabin
the courtyard of the "farm"
herb/vegetable garden
kitchen house
magnolia tree
mother in law suite in the main house
love the brick floors
school house on the plantation
james loved the old buildings
a bit hot, very humid - but beautiful..
james wanted to climb everything everywhere...
in the new portion of the park, very "six flags" like
me, patrick & james
james loves catfish...
another view of the carving
the train is coming!
about to pull out
awaiting the begining of the laser show, we were treated to special seating.. the first time i've ever had reserved seats for this & got to sit in a comfy chair instead of on the ground..
the view behind us

This video is of the ending of the laser show, we rode the "ducks"(land & water vehicles) around on the lake & through the park, saw the 4D movie(you get wet), rode the train, ate a good meal or two, visited the plantation & petting zoo, rode the skylift to the top of the mountain, saw the "treetop adventure", saw the grist mill, the quarry, the marina, the put-put golf, many many shops & artisans... it was a long day indeed.. but we had lots of fun...


wendy said...

We would always go around July 4th. Not sure if the Fireworks were better then but that's what we thought. We would go early in the day and bring a cooler and all filled with food and drinks because we were NOT spending the $$ on anything there. Forever ago it was $4 for a bottle of water for christsake.

We would park our butts right down front...every year! Right in front of where they have it chained off. So close to the Mtn that you have to look up to see so we'd lay down and watch it. Plus when they'd do "Great Balls of Fire" and the flame throwers would spew those huge flames up from the ground, you could feel the heat off of them on your face.

So many stories. I do miss it.

The Angry Georgian said...

I haven't been there in so long, yet it's right around the corner. Last time I caught an actual laser show I can't even remember.
When I was a kid we used to put pennies on that train track.

Junebug said...

I remember when we all went there.
That really is a nice park.I remember I was not brave enough to ride the lift so I went in the gift shop till you all returned.
Your family outing brought back many memories.

Just me... said...

The last time I was there, no laser show, just the 'farm' and the mountain.. I think it's time to go back for another visit..
Thanks for the pics!! :):)

Dana said...

Although it may have been a long day, it sure looks like a lot of fun!

Sara Lechner said...

I loved all these photos. I must say I could live in that slave hut!