March 01, 2009

It's snowing in Georgia... More Pics!!

we decided to go for a ride in the kawasaki mule.. this shot is from the driveway..

headed up the driveway.. it was cold and wet

headed up the road...

the neighbors yard..

patrick and james on the kawasaki mule..

anyone that lives in a place where this is normal is a damn idiot...

next door

cedar tree

all of the trees are covered and starting to bend

one of my favorite trees

headed down the road..

the pine trees are already bending pretty far..

along the driveway

our front yard..

i was headed in fast.. way too cold for this southern boy..

more front yard..

sticking everywhere..

It's not that big of a deal to most of the country... but it rarely snows here.. so we will enjoy it... this video is from when it first started this morning..


Anonymous said...

It's snowing ping-pong balls here.

Just me... said...

HEY!! I take offense at that 'damn idiot' crack!!!
Um, wait..
Oh, hell.
Forget it.
I agree....
Enjoy the snow!!! :):):):)

Junebug said...

We came to visit to get away from SNOW!It looks like it followed us.
Brrrr.I'm hoping it's gone by tomorrw night.

Jules said...

It is beautiful...I'm just glad the power came back on!

Anonymous said...

I'll have to post my pictures when I get home from work tomorrow. That is, assuming we can get out in the morning. We're stuck till it melts enough to get up the driveway.

Eve said...

I love snow in GA, it's usually gone by the time I would have gotten tired of it. Although I experienced a ton of it in Finland, GA is the best place for it.