March 11, 2009

Blogger Profile - Witch Hollow Primitives

Continuing in my series of interviews with other bloggers... Today we shall visit Witch Hollow Primitives . Once you're finished reading the interview, go check out her sites, her work is wonderful...

1. So why is Clay Perry your favorite blog?

Hmmm...did I say that?

2. How did you become interested in the type of artwork that you do?

I have always loved art since I was very little, I was always creating something with whatever I had. I would have to say my biggest influence for my love of art comes from my grandmother Christina Maria. She was from the old country (Italy). I think thats where my love of primitives comes from. My love of Halloween has always been a strong influence as well, that time of year is magickal to me. Many Halloween artists always seem to inspire me as well as nature, and the beauty in the things around it.

3. What early influence do you think has attributed to your current lifestyle?

Do I have a lifestyle lol? I lead a pretty boring life it would seem to most. I guess music was a huge influence and that has kept me young at heart. To feel some of the most powerful words put to music causes the soul to stir and that helps me to create.

4. Do you miss working in construction, and have you found the skills you picked up in that experience helpful to your current artistic endeavors?

Funny enough I do miss working construction. Like art I guess you look at a concrete floor you just poured as your canvas and when you drive by it later you say, "I did that". I am constantly building something and it does tie in with the handcrafts I do so yes, it has helped greatly. It also widened my vocabulary to work with men.

5. Have you ever seen a ghost?

Real or fictitious?

6. How does being a mother impact your art work?

Gives me very little time to get anything done, but I have always worked best under stress. Kids make you look at things differently. When you see things from a childs perspective it makes you see the honesty and purity in the world that is scantly present these days. I couldn't imagine my life without them, so my art I think would wane as well.

7. What is your opinion of current events in the middle east?

I have no opinion on the middle east, I have a hard enough time watching the 10 o'clock news let alone know whats going on anywhere other than my studio.

8. Favorite food?

I love a wide variety of foods, but absolutly Italian would have to be my fav. I hear baby is the other white meat I might have one of those to try if she doesn't stay out of my paintbrushes.

9. If you could create the optimum living experience for yourself right now, what would it be like?

Far from Illinois I know that. I would probably venture out of the country, Ireland or Italy to find my roots. We need to be a country of more "just being" rather than the constant "doing".

10. Given your life, the way it is right now, what one word do you feel would best sum it all up?

There isn't one word really, I guess beautiful disaster.

(personal note from me... i love this painting she did)


wendy said...

I love the painting too. Beautiful Disaster pretty much sums it all up.

another good one, Clay.

Eve said...

Cool, I like her stuff too.

Jules said...

Anyone who follows your blog will know that I am a HUGE fan of Witch Hollow. I am the proud owner of one of her paintings and will hopefully be the proud owner of many more. You really do need to check out all of her sites. So many pretties to choose from! Luminaries, angels, treat jars, candles...something for everyone. Beyond her talent she is one of the truest people I know. She is kind for no other reason than she can be. When she says she will be a friend to you, count on it. I don't know what I put out in the universe that made karma bring us together but I am infinitely grateful. She is my bestest friend...we Illinois girls tend to stick together. You rock Witch Hollow, I love ya. xo xo
p.s. Big Daddy this is a great blog! I love the interviews as much as all of your others. xo

Sherry Byrum said...

I love Heather's work. I've been watching her for a long time on Ebay and we met through an art group on Ebay and I felt like I had known her forever. She is a breath of fresh air, her honesty, values and loyalty to her children is inspiring. She has become one of my most trusted friends. I love ya girl!