March 28, 2009

Blogger Profile - Among Mad People

The next visit with other bloggers takes us over to wendy... She is a great writer with wonderful ideas... so after you read the interview, go over and check her blog out...

1. So why is Clay Perry your favorite blog to read?

Favorite is a strong word. I do love to read this blog. I lived many years in the south and reading Clay’s posts brings back memories for me. I love the interviews Clay does. Brilliant questions that make the interviewee think for answers. I may regret saying that. Let’s see..

2. When you were seventeen, or thereabouts, what did you imagine your life would be like now?

At 17, except for the cash my ‘single mom’ mother could help me with, I had gotten myself into an out-of-state college and worked and was on my own so I’m not sure what I thought. I always knew I’d be a mom, though. I just didn’t know the whats and wheres of it all. I have never looked that far ahead my entire life; a few years ahead maybe at best. I just always seem to take life as it comes at me, dodging at times and hopping on for the ride at others. I have always thought we should plan for what we’d like to happen, but realize that life may indeed have something else in store. It usually does.

3. What is the one moment from your early childhood that you drift back to in thought most often?

One moment is hard. I lived in 9 different towns in 6 different states before I was in the 5th grade (not an army brat, just a brat in a mobile family) so there are many moments I think about. But there is one I am fond of I can share: My parents owned a bakery in Independence, Missouri when I was 6. The bakery was next door to the Truman Library; Harry Truman, the president. Truman died that December and I remember the funeral ceremony they had for him there. They shot cannons and had a band, and I could see it on the TV inside the bakery and then run outside onto the sidewalk and see the exact same thing happening right there. That was pretty cool for a 6 year old.

4. What is your opinion of organized religion?

Short answer, not for it. I have such a deep respect for people and their beliefs. I just don’t think we should segregate ourselves based on those beliefs. I was raised in a Christian, regular-church-going home. As an adult I wanted to ‘get it right’ for myself and I spent many years researching and studying religion. If you really want to know in any depth what I think about organized religion, email me, we’ll talk.

5. If you decided to run for president, did so, and won, what would your platform consist of?

Taking care of ourselves. We are constantly trying to impose and impress the rest of the world with our democracy and politics, we need to switch the focus back to us and get back on track for our own well being. A country is a business. It’s time to put some money back into the business and implement a stock repurchase; stabilize our assets and protect ourselves from hostile takeover.

6. If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

My answer is not going to be conventional. (If the question were: whose brain would you like to pick, I’d pick someone who I could Q & A with. But that’s not the question. ) When I eat dinner with someone I want it to be fun, not about business, enjoyable with good conversation about anything and everything they want to talk about, with someone who feels the same way and is nice to look at. By those criteria, my answer is Matt. Plus he can take me home if I drink too much.

7. Favorite movie?

You are mean, Clay. You have read my blog and know I have a hard time picking a favorite movie. But for you I will. Bull Durham: for many reasons, none of which will probably make any sense. I don’t make sense usually.

8. Describe what you would consider to be your perfect day...

It’s warm, not hot, in the 60s, perhaps; blue skies, partly cloudy so the sun goes behind them just often enough that you remember to appreciate the warmth when it’s not behind them; a light breeze is blowing. As long as we are not working, we don’t need to think about things that need to be done, and get outside to walk or take a drive; anything we do on a day like that is perfect.

9. If you could have everyone on the planet listen to you at the same time for one minute, what would you say?

Choice of words Clay: I’m not sure they would listen. They might hear me, but to listen takes more than ears. Nonetheless I would say something like this: We are all the same. We all love. We all hope. We all dream. The things we love and hope and dream are different. We are all the same. We should not hate anything about each other, ever. Disagree, yes. Never hate.

10. Given your life as it is right now, what one word would best sum it all up?



The Angry Georgian said...

She is a very good writer.

Junebug said...

I loved her answers.She is a good writer!

Anonymous said...

Loved her answers. Enjoying getting to know her.

C.S. Perry said...

I wish Wendy was my girlfriend.

wendy said...

Thanks A.G., Junebug and whoever Anonymous is...

and C.S., darlin', you have your hands full with that adorable little boy. I'm sure I'd be way too much to handle. But I am extremely flattered.