February 02, 2009

Stephen Fowler on Wife Swap

We had settled in this past Friday to night watch the program Ghost whisperer, or Boob whisperer as I refer to it… yet it was a rerun. I then pulled up the guide and saw that Wife Swap was on and clicked on it. What I was then treated to was an hour of quite possibly the most offensive human being I have ever had the misfortune to listen to.

You watch these shows to see outrageous behavior so that you can feel somewhat better about yourself in the long run, or just simply to laugh your ass off over unbelievable people who hold views that simply can not be for real.

One Stephen Fowler, naturalized U.S. citizen from England, living in San Francisco has proven to be one of the most unpopular individuals to ever grace a television screen. I understand why. To make fun of people is something that we all do, but to completely show contempt for another living human being is so disgusting on such a primal level that I myself would’ve popped this guy had I been in his presence. He is involved in several business endeavors for sustainable energy, and sits on many boards, yet he seemed not to think about any of this when he appeared on national television and insulted the following things… Middle America, the United States Military, people with only high school educations, fat people, people with IQs less than 158, people who use fossil fuels, etc etc etc… In other words, about 98% of the population of this country, and indeed this world.

Having googled the guy that night after the show, I found several things about him on line and read quite a bit about him. He seems by all accounts to be a typical liberal elitist. I found nothing new here, except for his disdain for America and the people living here. I have run across this many times, but never at quite such a vitriolic level as this guy.

Now, it seems that his performance has created somewhat of a backlash for himself and his family… and they are shocked. Many of the web sites for this guy are now gone, many were brought down by traffic. He has received death threats, and threatened to sue “forthwith” a site that allowed his home address to be published. His facebook account has been taken down, anti Stephen Fowler groups and sites have popped up everywhere, blogs defending him – posted by his friends - have been taken down, and his business relationships have been affected by his performance on this television program.

You would think that with an often-repeated IQ of 158 he would have thought about this before he appeared on the tv show… In his position, he should have been nice and plugged all of his business ideas to a national audience, but what did he do? He informed his “stand in wife” that she was… “stupid”, a “redneck”, “this country needs people like you to feed the military”, “probably makes more in a week than her husband does in a year”, “scored in the 99.9 percentile of the CRE” she lived in a “Podunk” town.. and tossed out a parting insult to her husband at the end of the show as he walked away… Yes, quite the classy guy…

I have since read a blog by a friend who was there with them the night the show aired and defended him , as “suffering no fools”… and commented about the stupidity of the swapped wife since she “only has a high school diploma”… the blog has since been removed or taken down. She was actually surprised that they began to receive hate calls and emails as the show aired across the country, and made light of one of their friends being so “witty” on the phone with the “uneducated caller”… business as usual…

I’m shocked on a few fronts here.. First, the hatred this guy has for most of the people in the world. Second that he and his circle of family and friends are surprised by the mass’s reaction to his “intellect”. Third, that people are having such a vile reaction to an elitist, liberal, anti military, environmentalist, anti American individual… Most of these people are like this, he was just in their face with it. And lastly, that even with his intelligence level he is threatening to sue people for publishing information that is included in the public domain…

People live and move in relatively small groups of individuals and come to think that most folks agree with their take on “common sense”, yet are frequently surprised to discover that they indeed are among the minority when it comes to certain views and opinions. The “fly over” country that most of us live in (and he repeatedly insults) is peopled by the very individuals that fund these endeavors that keep families such as the Fowlers living in the pristine surroundings provided by such superior intellect and steeped with all the trappings that come with such a fortunate attitude and seemingly endless supply of talent for business… (dripping sarcasm does taste funny)

If you haven’t seen the program, go to youtube, unless little Stephen Fowler has threatened to sue them yet, and watch some of this guy, its really very, very sad stuff… quite nauseating to witness..

I’m actually a bit sad at this point that I watched the television program, being that a new attitude of success has now swept the country with President Obama at the helm to cleanse all the evil perpetrated across this land by us uneducated rednecks… To be reminded of my over all uselessness has popped my happy glow bubble…


Anonymous said...

Good Word there brother!

Just me... said...

I saw about three minutes of that idiot show.. Then decided that cleaning the screen vent over the stove was much more entertaining.. :):)

Pelmo said...

You hit the nail on the head with this one.
It appears the more obnoxious somebody is the more air time they get.

The Angry Georgian said...

I'm going to have to Google this guy when I get home tonight. Glad I didn't catch this one.

Pcorajr said...

Great Post I sent a E-mail to one of the Organizations that Fowler volunteer board member.

I would like to follow up to the message you sent in which you raised concerns about Stephen Fowler's behavior on the show "Wife Swap."

First of all, thank you for your kind words about our organization. I particularly appreciate your comments about our Marine Sanctuaries campaign.

Stephen Fowler has resigned from Pacific Environment's Board of Directors and is no longer associated with the organization in any way. Please note that he was never an employee of the organization; rather, he was a volunteer.

We would like to reiterate that Pacific Environment was in no way involved in the taping of the show. Pacific Environment does not condone Mr. Fowler’s behavior on the show, and the behavior represented on the show absolutely does not reflect the values and ideals of Pacific Environment.

Pacific Environment works to protect the living environment of the Pacific Rim. We support local communities to have a larger voice on environmental issues. We partner with fishermen, indigenous communities, scientists, housewives, students, retired citizens, environmentalists, and others who are striving against great odds to protect their communities. We hope that you will learn about Pacific Environment and judge our work based on our long history of successfully supporting environmental heroes around the Pacific Rim.

Thank you again for your message and raising these concerns.

David Gordon

I followed this organization for some time now and I'm glad that they responded to my mail. It is good to see that this mans lack of common Sense is not going to affect a Good organization like Pacific Environment.

Just me... said...

Glad to see they are distancing themselves from him.. :)

Clay Perry said...

comment i received via email...

You know what the saddest thing about the Stephen Fowler hullabaloo is? That they truly believe they are smarter than everyone else, and that without their angry arrogance this country will fall. They're elitist because they really do think they are better than we are. Smarter than we are. That's why they're so shocked by the backlash. They figured all the rest of their compatriots would give a great shout of "hoorah!" to hear him put that fat, retarded, little redneck ninny in her place and show the rest of America the way things are supposed to work. He thought he was bringing a message of hope to America, because he is unable to see past the importance of his own nose. I wonder what kind of lonely existence that must be. No one to commiserate with, because no one else is nearly as smart or clever and perfect as you. Perhaps this is a lesson for all elitists - don't fuck with your Average American, we're smarter and have more heart than you think.

Anonymous said...

Allow me, as a friend of Mr. Fowler, to assure you that his companion for the two weeks of this fiasco was no prize. She was lethargic, wasteful, insulting, and smelled horrible.
Through the magic of editing, a concept most of you surely do not understand, Stephen was shown in an incorrect light. He is a caring, giving individual who works extremely hard for his family. While he does have his moments, as we all do, his family has suffered enough from this situation. Please leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

Nah he still makes for good fodder. I dont really care if she was wasteful, lethargic, smelly, etc. Guess what? You *still* dont treat someone like that in your home. Why is this concept so hard for Friends of Fouler to figure out?
What Stephen found insulting was she *dared* question him on anything. Boo hoo. That she thought he should spend time with his kids (you insulting beeyotch! How dare you?!?!). If Mr Superior Intellect was that easily baited... then he suffers the consequence. He doesnt suffer fools so he must really not be able to stand himself right now :)
Everyone loves Gayla and the US detests Fowler. It seems the only time she was insulting was in response to Stephens relentless nastiness.
Keep him for your friend :) He needs all he can get! His poor children are who I feel for. I cant imagine what they are suffering bc of their parents.

Eve said...

Wow, hot topic! Have to check it out for myself.

Steve said...

I don't care what the Fowlers friends have to say about Steve Fowler. He is indeed an intellectual person. Book smarts he has, compassion, and understanding, he does not.

If he thought she smelled terrible, and was indeed repulsed by her, he should have informed the producers of his concerns. As a member of NAFRTA, and SAG, I can safely say, the issue would have been addressed.

If Steven said she smelled bad, I guess it was because she did not wreak of 'Joy' (a 1500 dollar an ounce perfume), but rather a more domestic scent like maybe passion. But, he would not know passion if it slapped him in the face, and called him daddy.

Steve Fowler is just a jackass, he made his bed, and now he can lay in it. I am sorry his family has to suffer, but he is the only one to blame for it.

If it bothers him so much, he knows where the Golden Gate bridge is.

Longhorn said...

Anonymous said, "She was lethargic, wasteful, insulting, and smelled horrible."

Okay so why wasn't he the bigger man and take her for a spa treatment a few times a week. It still does not explain his visceral reaction to her nor does it condone his reaction. There is so much to see and do in San Fransico why couldn't he have been gentlemanly to her. I see your alittle lethargic today how about a Large cup of Pete's Coffee. I just think he could of been better than he was. I'm afraid we saw the real Stephen Fowler unleashed.

horatius said...

I think they have a term for this.


Anonymous said...

Very lovely post, thank you for posting it!
Just so some of you know, just because this fart lives in SF doesn't mean he reflects the values of San Franciscans. I am a native SF'er and my parents and grand-parents were born here...I came from *nothing* (ie, poor, baby) yet I managed to put myself through college and earned 2 undergrad degrees (1 BA, on BS) and now can *barely* afford to send my children to the same private school that 'they' attend...let me state as well: my brother died serving his country in Desert Storm and I am proud of my country and of the left and of San Franciscans (true SF'ers)...I have nothing but contempt for ANYONE , left, right, rich, poor, who behave and hold values like that of stephen fowler...he treats his children *hate*...I can't think of anything more offensive!!!!

Reality Check: We are ALL Americans (well, not you fowler) We are All Human...we all deserve respect, dignity and the pursuit of happiness...we all deserve equal representation ...so, that means we need to respect each other and stop being the kind of people we saw on wife swap coming from the fowlers...we need to honor education (not use it as a weapon)...go back to the UK fowler...I am sick of people like you infecting MY CITY...

Anonymous said...

no excuse for his poor behavior. none.

Anonymous said...

i am curious as to the criteria mr. f. used to decide to "volunteer" for the boards he served on. where they worthy of his lofty eductional abilities. so, that being said, they dumped him. i wonder how he views them now. does he see them as entities that didn't really deserve his "brilliance" anyway?

i have a gut feeling that there is a small corner of his very being that deeply regrets what "he hath wrought" very much so.

he needs to find some counseling somewhere. family counseling would be good. because those kids of his HAVE to have been affected in some way by all of this. and his wife needs some help too.

how sad is all of this? REALLY sad.

i hope and pray the long family knows how we are on "their team" and takes heart from it.

if i knew what small KS town they lived in i would write them and show them my support. but i have a feeling they just want to move on with life.

Anonymous said...

all things fowler are on http://blog.stephenfowlersucks.com/

Anonymous said...

I just want the world to know that that mr. Fowler is NOT representative of San Francisco, nor our liberalism, nor our educational values, nor our eco-environmental values, nor anything else for that matter!

Mr fowler is just his own personal-idiot and not to be mistaken for where he comes from or where he currenlty resides.

I am ashamed that my family has so much in common with this family!
kid goes to the same school his kids' attend, also from brit-expat family, and we live less than 2 blocks away! YET, I am NOT ashamed to tell you that we HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON with his beliefs, his verbage, or his influences,

please america, please realize, that this is just one idiot, in an ocean full of people who would want us all to live in peace!

Anonymous said...

The fact is most people do stupid things. Usually when they know they are being watched, or in this case being on national television, they put on an act of always doing the right thing. He had no shame in being seen as a very hateful man. No doubt during the 8 long years of the bush presidency he made those same derogatory comments about America and Americans in private to both his family and friends, probably resulting in laughter and agreement. Why should he act differently on camera when those around him shared his feelings, no one ever corrected him.

Anonymous said...

This assclown wants us to help him plant trees so he can have an urban forest next to the Castro. Good Luck Jackass. I hope someone cuts them all down.


Anonymous said...

The man was completely offensive. He had absolutely no reason … much less a right - to treat Gayla in such a cruel and demeaning manner. He was even more outrageous to me – being a CITIZEN of the United States, speaking like he did of our military men and women. He certainly re-emphasized my feeling that in order to become a citizen – you should have to serve in our military = in order to enjoy our freedoms.
I do not care how much he publishes apologies or what – he is a small minded, completely contemptuous, callous and self serving SOB. What he said were not slips of the tongue – each and every comment was an intentional verbal assault, with the direct intention of inflicting as much shock, humiliation and pain as he could.
My heart went out to Gayla with each breath that sick man drew. SHE is a far better person than he could EVER BE.
God only knows how he treats his wife and kids.

Anonymous said...

I swear If that was MY wife he treated like that I would have kicked the crap out of him. He is lucky that Gayla's husband has more self control than many of us who found him offensive.

Why are you all shocked at Steven Fowler. He is what a lot of America wants.

He is THE typical leftist elitest San Fran Democrat liberial.

This is the same crowd Obama pandered to when he said us people in rural PA cling to their religion and guns.

He is the TYPICAL liberal democrat and why they are all worthless!

Yes it is a REALITY show.
You saw the REALITY of the typical San Fran (Nancy Pelosi) Democrat.

You people all hate this dude, yet when Obama panders to this crowd saying all of us from rural PA cling to our guns and religion EVERYONE slobbers all over Obama johnson.


Anonymous said...

This goes to show that advanced degrees do not a smart or strategically-thinking person make. Any monkey or dog can be trained; but common sense and compassion are harder traits to acquire. I was more appalled with his robotic children and his wife's compliance than with his Pavlov's dog liberal elitist reactions. (Oh, BTW, Fowler, I espouse many of your tree hugging views, but I put my money where my mouth is and I treat other people and their differing ideas with respect,)

Give me good old fashioned honesty and sincere goodness any day over intellectual snobbery. The man was so arrogant, he never guessed how 90% of the viewers would perceive him or the ramification of his actions. Again, I pity his kids.

Oh, I too came to this country from Europe and am a naturalized citizen. Unlike Fowler, I adore America and Americans, and I don't feel the need to show anyone here how to live. Frankly, I am confident in who I am and have nothing to prove.

Anonymous said...

As a dyed-in-the-wool, bleeding heart liberal, I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with this post. Nice to know that I can agree with other side on something. This dude was a major asshat that seems to be masking insecurity by insulting others. I might add he didn't strike me as a smart guy who doesn't treat people below him well, more like a talentless hack that should count his lucky stars that he's not living out of a grocery cart. Seriously, the guy doesn't seem to be very good at anything and living off some feudal notion about how his class is somehow inherently superior. This recent Wall Street debacle further proves that most of these "business elites" are monumentally stupid, both practically and theoretically. The one service he performed is proving that many wealthy people are unintelligent and generally shitbags.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted by the attitude of this little man. He seems so narrow minded in his evaluation of himself and others. I could not believe what I was hearing on the utube recording.

He is not the average Britisher, as the Indians say!

I am British myself, with a terminal degree and a good position and I could not believe what I was hearing.

The guy obviously has personal issues, perhaps involving esteem. What he esteems highly ("education") others might not. He has many "chips" on his shoulders! He is obviously very insecure.

I do not understand his attitude, in fact it angered me!

I once lived in Walnut Creek, near SF, and became annoyed with the place ... so much about materialism and not much about life. I moved back to NC and then to TN where I work at ORNL as a scientist.

People like this guy really get on my goat... they think they know everything but actually know little ... I work with a number of them.

This guy is what I call a social retard.

If he hates the US so much, why is he here?

I love the US! I love the South! Why? Because of my wife (who is a NC citizen), the life (because people know how to live), the setting (because I love the mountains, lakes and history) and because there is respect for humans whatever their station in life!

I apologise greatly for the injustice this man did towards the view that American people might have towards the British.

Richard McJordan said...

I couldn't stand it any more and had to see what the hubbub was about.

This man is a total ass and his wife is no better.

Richard McJordan said...

Whups... screwed that up. Anyways... I was saying.

The man is a fool who can't take care of himself and his wife is an elitest bitch who CANT EVEN DO HER OWN LAUNDRY. GADS... and the one of the most hysterical things I found on the spots on Youtube that she spent more time talking about HER degrees than what she did with her kids!

Those two people are some of the worst the world has to offer. They are snobbish, disgusting and the type that if I saw them on fire on the street... I wouldn't take the time to cross the road to pee on them to put them out. Sorry... but that kind of INTELLIGENT IGNORANCE makes me furious!

I mean, I can only imagine what Stephen and his Pompous BITCHWIFE would have to say about me?! 41 years old, 2 year degree but I still manage to pay my mortgage, keep the lights on and water flowing for the shower (since I don't want SMELL BAD ASSHOLE). GHOD could someone please deport this bastard and his loser wife?! Since he doesn't want to live here anyway.

The kids can stay though... they are the true victims in all of this. Those two have NO RIGHT raising children. GAYLA and her husband have children... one of which had to show the CUNT how to work a dryer! OMG!

AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HIS FEELINGS ON THE MILITARY. We have a dear friend in IRAQ... and Stephen is putz that couldn't defend his family from a cold let alone a war.

*PANT* Okay.. sorry all for the rant... but those two need to have their kids taken away from them and sent somewhere. FAR AWAY.

And YES...I'll publish my name in this. Because that's just how I feel!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad at the reaction to this excuse for a human being. I did not sleep the night after watching the show I was so upset.
I could not believe what this moron was teaching his children. Education is everything, learning french, fencing etc but learning how to treat and respect other human beings does not count.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad at the reaction to this excuse for a human being. I did not sleep the night after watching the show I was so upset.
I could not believe what this moron was teaching his children. Education is everything, learning french, fencing etc but learning how to treat and respect other human beings does not count.

Anonymous said...

Didn't see it, glad I didn't see it, am just hearing about it today. We didn't meet anyone like the Fowlers' when we visited California, we only met really nice people. But ABC should be ashamed of itself for putting such a thing on TV.

dannyshiba said...

I am a retired attorney from Connecticut and now live in a small town in South Carolina. My husband and I had full advantage of the types of education and careers that Mr. Fowler so worships. We sought out the South for our retirement because our experience has been that these "rednecks" are some of the most real, decent and funny people still left in America. The more I hear and see about Stephen Fowler and his Stepford family, the more I appreciate my horses and dogs.

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian Man. It breaks my heart to see any one treat ANOTHER peirson like that. I Will NEVER forget him. He has done so much damage. I can only pray for him.

Anonymous said...

he will PAY, trust me. HE WILL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna hit you right in the face
You better get yourself together Mr.fowler
Join the human race

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you off your feet
Better recognise your brothers & sisters Mr.fowler
Everyone you meet

Instant Karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you right in the head
You better get yourself together Mr.Fowler
Pretty soon your gonna be dead

Anonymous said...

U know the old saying u reap what you sow. WOW. He gave that girl a bashing for a day and His whole life is being BASHED. Poor guy, poor wife, POOR KIDS. Although I agree with all of the comments slamming the man, I don't think I should. How would that make me any better then him? But it probably would feel good, just to put him down a little bit.
I wonder if those kids get any affection from either parent. I just Wanna give them a big hug. They would get more love in my opinion from any class family other then their own family.
I just feel sad for all of them.

Anonymous said...

The Long Family lives in Randolph, MO.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on every point except your liberal spin. This has nothing to do with being a liberal - the guy is an idiot, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

I just have to add my two cents to this fray. I could not believe how blatently cruel this fowler creature came off on the television show. To tweak an old Dorothy Parker addage: He should be kind to his inferiors; ah but where would he find them? He can't be too hoity toity because he sat at table on national t.v. and chewed his food with his mouth open as he was again berating Gayla. Also his wife misspelled 'deprecating' in one of her apologies.

Anonymous said...

Just watched the show from teevo. Fowler is a jackass for sure - not much more needed there. I could not get over how poor Renee came off in this situation after the visit. For a woman who supposedly cares about helping people (with bullcrap psychobabble evidently - check out her Inside Out Weight Loss stuff), how can Renee sit there during the interviews and not refute her husband? Those poor kids have no prayer of not getting the snot beat out of them on the playground.

red.door.read said...

hey there. i did a post on my blog about this guy too - what an absolute wanker (as we Australians say).

check out my post if you're so inclined.


leggymom said...

"Poor Renee"................HA! Poor Renee went on the show to promote her business $$$$$ (they certainly are a green family!)
At the end of the show Renee proved she was just as arrogant as her husband when asked by the producers if she had implimented any of Gayla's rules.......... she said "I can't even remember what Gayla's rules were" Her family is just soooooooooo perfect in her eyes that there is no room for improvement. How can one improve on perfection????????? Gayla Long is just so insignificant and unimportant to Renee that she couldn't even remember Gayla's rules!
As far as the friend of the Fowlers who posted.............you better make some new friends, they say you smell too!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Perry, you nailed it, thank you! love, San Francisco

Anonymous said...

Stephen Fowler says what's on Americans' minds. When I was watching that episode of Wife Swap and saw Stephen Fowler tear into that woman I CHEERED! It was hilarious and a well overdue payback. I said to my wife, "I love how Europeans can unapologetically state their opinions with honesty without being afraid of the bedwetting sensibilities and politically correct right. Stephen Fowler didn't mince any words." These Fowler hating websites just goes to show how out of control the bleeding-hearted right has gotten in their efforts to make everyone fall lockstep to their beliefs. For the past two decades liberals have had to suffer under the b/millionaire right wing elitists calling us "bleedinghearts" simply because we believed it was wrong to waste billions of tax payer dollars murdering innocent children and families in order to steal the oil that lay under their land. We were called "anti-American" by a president who could barely speak the national language just because we believed spending taxpayers' hard earned dollars at home instead of on outsourcing jobs and weapons corporations was the right thing to do. We have put up with years of rightist hypocritical media (like the hysterical drug addict on the radio) that censors everything the voting public needs to know and regurgitates 93% of the same useless nonsense all day long. Media journalism in America is a joke because of conservatives enforcing their political correct controls on America. 3 cheers for Stephen Fowler for saying what was on 80% of Americans' minds. It's about time these "we are more American than you" elitist conservative hypocrites were put in their place. It's about time someone offered up a balance to what Americans have been through for the past 8 years. Thank you Stephen Fowler.

Steve said...

Speaking your mind is a great thing. I have to agree. However, when you speak your mind, and involve and entire COUNTRY, and another persons PERSONAL LIFE, it is wrong.

If you want to speak your mind, do so. If you speak your mind, and intentionally belittle another person through any media source, it is called defamation of character. Unless Stephen Fowler can prove before a jury, that his actions were justified, and truthful, he can be sued.

I should say, that would make a great reality show, watching the Longs sue the Fowlers. It would be called Riches to Rags, the Fowlers (VS) the Better.

I can only assume that the person that left this blog, must be Stephen Fowler himself. It must be, since I really don't think God would ever place a duplicate of Stephen Fowler on the face of this earth. Unless God is just crazy.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh- if 80% of Americans agree with Fouler, where were they in Nov. when only 52% voted for Obama? Maybe their electric cars weren't charged? I am used to Gayla's treatment. My in-law calls me uneducated (I have a Master's Degree), brainwashed and antiquated because I'm conservative and Christian. He's French. Oh, well. I smile and go on with life, like Gayla.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the more interesting sidelights of the Fowler firestorm is that - if not for his outrageous combination of elitist snob and obnoxious jackass - we might be seeing nearly as much backlash against Renee Stephens. OMG what a phony!! From her comments about America to the way she turned out two tortured automaton kids to her sham "business", she's nearly as abhorrent as he is. I'd love to meet one of their "friends", it's unfathomable how anyone can stand two minutes with them. I have a high IQ and an advanced degree, but so what? It's the EQ that matters in the end. Fowler & Stephens are getting their just deserts, but those poor kids - to be prostituted on national TV after living with those two . . . can you say "child abuse"? As for the idiot who "cheered" for Fowler's toxic venom? Co-conspirator after the fact, send them both back to their precious "Europe", which despite it's "superior" citizenry, is crashing and burning as we speak, and would be speaking German or Russian if not for our horrendous military.

Anonymous said...

Love the posts here and your commentary (Fowler is the backside of a donkey), but check your use of quotes and punctuation; commas, periods, etc. go INSIDE the quotes (don’t leave them hanging).