December 18, 2008


At this point in the week us guys at home have had to stop and simply thank all the powers that be for Julie...

Starting on Saturday James became sick with one of the most wicked stomach viruses we have had to deal with in a long time. This mess has spread from one to the other over the past few days and left us quite weak and sore. Right there in the middle of the sickness, the laundry, the cleaning, the Christmas gifts and preparations has been Julie. Steadfast and moving forward in the face of overwhelming odds she has maintained the status quo, unfaltering in her actions.

For the past eighteen years I have had the good fortune to share my life with her and not a moment goes by that I am not thankful for her. I have watched as she has weathered absurdity brought forth by the highest levels of lowlife vermin, suffered loss of family, dealt with sickness, pregnancy, and overwhelming bullshit of all kinds. I have listened as she has laid out plans for things she wants to accomplish, and watched as she has moved forward not swaying in her determination to meet the goals.

She is truly a rock... to see her spend each night this week camped out on the couch to keep an eye on James as he suffered through his illness and recovery, then flit seamlessly into making blankets, scarves, and jewelry for Christmas , map out other gifts and shopping, prepare meals without falter, handle everything that comes her way.. and still manage to find me a pair of socks when I couldn't locate any... These things have served as an in your face reminder of the greatness of her being. Such nurturing given freely and without and question or asking of any sort of reward is an amazing thing to behold. She is a true bad ass..

Kudos Julie... you are something else... maybe tonight you can get some rest...


Jules said...

I love you too. You guys are my everything...but quit making me cry at work, ok?
xo xo xo

boo said...

Yep, you got lucky old man. What a wonderful treasure you have there. Let met just say how wonderful it is that you appreciate her so much. You're both lucky to have each other. I'm glad everyone is recovering under the gentle stewardship of a mother's love.

The Angry Georgian said...

Mothers are amazing things.

LADY ROOTS said...

Idren Clay,

You have been blessed by Jah with the greatest gift a man can receive, A WARRIORESS OF VIRTUE!

You teach your sons how to treat women by how they see you treat your wife.

Love her, cherish her, uplift her, encourage her and be for her, what she is for you.

Bless Up,
Lady Roots

Kokopelli said...

I read your blog for while now and just wanted to say: good to hear that you recovered one by one.
It's so wonderful how you speak about your family.

Merry Christmas (just in case, I won't come back before)!

Junebug said...

Julie has that amazing I'll get it done no matter what.It's called faith and love.Faith to go on when all seems at it's darkest.Love for family to pull it off.This is one of the many gifts as her mother that I would like to say I've shown by example.
Glad you all are feeling much better.