December 02, 2008

Abortion... A small rant

On every corner of every street on the internet, there is a soap box.... Upon said soap box there is someone spewing forth a commentary that they feel is worth listening to, this then is my soap box. I stand here to talk, maybe some will listen, maybe most wont.

I ran across a blog that I shall not name, nor shall I link to, lest more people fall victim to this disgusting asshole... There is very little out there that can offend me, but this one did it. I wont even get into content.

To take a position on a subject is what people do, to argue that position with people that do not agree with you is what comes naturally. To debate your position in hopes of changing minds can be a noble endeavor, but to simply insult people, I just do not get.

Seems this blogger is an educated individual, which makes it all the more ridiculous. I read through several exchanges she had with people dumb enough to leave comments.

The sad part about it is that open debate on any given subject can be quite entertaining. If you are going to take the time to bring it up, why not engage in serious discussion about the topic? The topic in question that brought me to the blog was abortion.. A topic that brings forth rabid folk anyway, but again, why can't it be discussed in a serious, civil manner?

We all know that you can't really debate a matter of opinion, yet it's within these same debates that the most interesting times can be had. These are real opportunities to treat with people from all walks of life, to share views and opinions with those that we do not agree with, so why get three steps into it and begin insulting everyone? That seems nonsensical to me, a waste of effort.

I love to sit around a dinner table and engage in a lively debate over such issues over the course of an evening, but to borrow a phrase from Julie.."There's always one asshole that takes it a bit too far.." Yet, in most cases, that is a risk I'm willing to take...

How long could you make it without tossing out an insult?

My opinion on the matter goes like this... I do not agree with abortion, I think the legality of the issue should be left up to individual states and put on an actual ballot.. (frightening thing for socialists... letting the populace actually decide an issue...) While I feel like abortion is really used as an expensive method of birth control, which is a sad state of affairs in my opinion, I think that it should be legal, for that all too rare - actual case of rape, danger to the mother, or molestation. Bad situations can actually be avoided by abstinence, or use of a condom... either one is cheap & fairly simple...

So on to it then... What do you think about abortion?


The Angry Georgian said...

I believe it should be left up to the parents and no one else.

C.S. Perry said...

It’s a touchy issue and one that’s not easily resolved. And you are correct…it’s difficult to have a reasonable debate about it; somebody always gets too emotional.
But, as you also suggest, all we can do is to offer our opinion. To wit:
I think that abortion is a purely moral question and should be addressed as such. If you think abortion is wrong then the finest, noblest protest you can make is to NOT GET ONE. You really don’t need to go any further than that.
When we begin to reach the concept of the legality of abortion…well, all such things flow from a reasonable mandate on the question. Currently, abortion is legal. Should it stay that way? Probably, if for no other reason it should be so at least to make certain that qualified and competent professionals can administer them.
Having said that, I find, after having a child of my own, that abortion disgusts me to no end and I can’t imagine anyone who would willingly kill an innocent child (because that’s all it is) regardless of mitigating circumstances like rape or molestation or anything else. Millions of women give birth everyday at great risk to themselves and their child but they brave it for one simple reason: It’s WORTH it.
There are too many people, good people, in the world who want nothing more than a healthy baby for irresponsible freaks to kill babies every day.
I might suggest that someone research the data on exactly how many abortions are performed because of rape or incest. I feel quite sure that it would be nearly impossible to get accurate data but nevertheless, I also feel sure that most of the abortions are merely a method of correcting a “Mistake.”
After seeing an ultrasound of my son at the early stages of his gestation and being able to see that he was, indeed, a fully-formed and active Human Being and knowing what he looks like and feels like and is…well, I can’t imagine ever aborting any child ever again for any reason.
This is not based on any kind of religious or conservative grounds, it is simply out of respect for the awesome responsibility that comes from creating a new life in this world.
You got your shot…give them theirs.

Jules said...

I almost am afraid to comment. For me personally it was never, and would never, be an option. This is not a judgment on anyone else who has had one or will have one. It just isn't anything I could do. I look at my boys and think how could I be without them? I carried them inside of me and felt their first flutters. I anxiously awaited their arrivals. I have been hopelessly in love with them since before their existence. CS is right, should I have ever found myself in a position where a child would just not work there are so many out there who really, really want a baby to not give them a chance. Again, I am not judging anyone at all. I think it should be legal. It just isn't for me in any way, shape or form.

Anonymous said...

I had to comment because word for word I agree, calling them fetus makes it easier for people who cann not say child.

Junebug said...

I agree that abortion is a choice for individuals.
It is a personal choice and should stay that way.

Eve said...

I also think, pending sensitive situations, that abortion is selfish. I try not to judge people, but coming from a family of sisters who have gone thru torture via fertility drugs and what not in order to have even one baby, it isn't fair to the responsible loving people who would give their right arm to save a baby. Here's an idea, instead of paying for an abortion, make it lucrative and do some research for wanting couples(not for exploitation, watch Juno)... oh, yeah it's nine months of life-altering changes?!

Deborah Woods said...

I believe abortion is a horrific thing that should be legal. I think you are wrong for believing that pregnancy resulting from rape or molestation is rare. Forcing a woman, or a girl, to carry the child of her rapist or that resulting from incest is a worse evil I think than the abortion. I do think abortions should be limited to the first trimester-UNLESS-there is real danger to the mothers life. Partial birth abortion? That is a sick and twisted version of infanticide that stuns me. Then if there is a mistake and this poor baby slips out of the mothers body alive, we should what? Save the life of this child who we just shoved a scalpel into its brain? The real problem here is why there is so much unwanted pregnancy. Birth control is sooo easy to get and use. What is wrong with people?

Leslie said...

Tough topic. I think it is the female's choice, not the state and not the government. Personally I feel that there should be more emphasis put on birth control and sex education as a means of eliminating the need for abortion. In fact, many young people just aren't informed or are mis-informed, yet in the throws of the moment choose to proceed without protection. Also, parents who preach abstinance, while it would be the best choice, it can be an unrealistic expectation.
I agree with you that insulting others or judging and putting them down is not a way to promote the pro life agenda. Compassion is what is needed and Love and of course education.
It's a choice for women to make, one that they must live with and a choice that is final. I believe that everything happens for a reason and if the soul inside must be, than it will be!