November 25, 2008

Hen Revisited

I was reading a post by Fermi in which she was discussing a balanced life, between all things that comprise that which you consider to be on your plate. The post made me stop for a second and consider the balance I have in my own life.

What is there, is just there. I don't think it's ever entered my mind in any way. What sort of balance are people looking for? A balance between home, social & work lives?

At what point in life do these questions appear? I've heard people talk about these things before, but never considered them. Much as the phraseology, "finding myself"... I've heard it, but never thought about it, I understand it, but always placed it in the useless banter to justify actions category.

When things happen, large or small you just deal with it. Children? You do your best, Work, Spouses.. all of it, you just get up each day and go forward in a zombie like state doing what you can, and enjoying life as much as possible. The only key to me or constant rather, is love.

Seems to me that love is what makes it all worth it. Would I rather stay in bed every morning? Sure, who wouldn't... Would it be easier to skive off the kids as much as possible, either to a relative or have the older one babysit the younger one & take off for a night of well earned debauchery.. Sure, but damn.. I want to see them as much as possible, yes.. even when they are being completely impossible and requiring discipline every ten minutes..

Work? When the schedule calls for it you work late, travel or do what you have to... but then you work as a team to just deal with it. To me, all these things seem like life, you don't ask, you just do it... you go for what you want and keep up with what you have...

Like I said, it seems that love is what holds it all together and keeps it going forward. There is a time and place for everything. Yet you just seem to realize as time goes by that playing the grass is greener game is pretty fucking useless. Materialism, envy, jealousy, and hatred weed themselves out at a rapid pace when you simply look at whats around you and learn to appreciate it for what it is, your life, your very own little world.

To find this ever elusive "balance" just takes a second.. just a crystal clear moment of reality that lets you know that you don't have to be a bastard, a bitch or an asshole to those around you. You just love them. The folk that aren't worth a damn out themselves as such and move away leaving your path clear for nothing but bliss. And that, well that's a pretty good place to be.


Jules said...

Yes, yes, yes! It is not some magic potion that makes everything ok but it is the magic that gets you through it. I do what I need to to get to do what I want with you guys. Yes, even when you are all driving me crazy. :-)

The Angry Georgian said...

I can never seem to find my balance.

Eve said...

To me, when everything gets hectic and unbalanced- like with kids, exercise, my fun time, cleaning the house, etc... love is the thing I fall back on that helps me to know that everything is still okay, even when it seems like it isn't.

Junebug said...

Love is the best FOUR letter word.
It gets you through things you can't enen imagine and then some.
Love makes my world go around.

Leslie said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm always amazed by folks who are in search of "the perfect life, themselves, happiness" when if all they did was just look at what is already there, it should be quite clear to them.
And these same people are in a constant state of mental and emotional stress and disorder.
Love is what it's all about and giving love is the best feeling I've ever known.

Thanks for sharing,