October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

the evening began with gifts all around, from the great pumpkin, thanks to witch hollow for this wonderful halloween treat jar! you do fabulous work!
the great pumpkin sent me a copy of dracula to read later before bed...
james got a sweatshirt with a light up basketball..
he couldn't decide which pirate look to go for...
patrick got a hooded sweatshirt, strange how the great pumpkin knows sizes...
the evening shifted to goldens for dinner
james loves catfish
vegetables and sweet tea...
julie was a trooper as she has been very sick this week
patrick enjoying his usual fare of macaroni and cheese, plus... macaroni and cheese
julie went as a cat...
the religious crowd countered the devils day with points to run to for help in ridding the soul of all this evil...
starting out on the trek...
everyone seemed to be in on the festivities
all the old houses in town looked great decked out for the day
crawl walking out of a tunnel to a porch for treats..
obviously florida fans lived here
too dark to see, yet these guys were very nice
i liked this pumpkin
this is a beautiful place..
mrs. sides home
cutting through their yard
these guys go all out every year
he puts on a great display
every inch of his yard is covered
he dresses as a pirate and sings from his perch all night
what can i say... he just kept following us around...
he must have spent a fortune..
he put an actual car in his yard with this thing behind the wheel, the effect was great
a peaceful moment on a side street
the crowds were big, yet happy
the christiosity countered with a bounce for jesus, lest we all wind up in the pit of hell
james, julie & patrick on the way to the car..
me & julie
patrick just couldn't wait..

my goal throughout the night... the coffee shop.


Patrick said...

My favorite part was when I got my gifts from The Great Pumpkin. I loved the hoodie. It was nice and warm.

Jules said...

I hate that my being sick curtailed the evenings events and greatly appreciate all my guys understanding. I was happy to sit on the bench and wait for the car to be brought around as I was in fear of falling over. Halloween is my favorite I will always treasure the fact that Big Daddy made it a point to take a picture with me. Anyone who knows him knows he hates to be photographed making it mean all that much more. I loved my treat jar...Witch Hollow rocks! She is my dear, sweet friend. As for all of you scoffing at the great pumpkin...bet you didn't get anything? Did you? Don't worry Linus, I'll always believe!

Junebug said...

Beautiful thank you thank you for the pictures.I am so homesick for you guys.Julie you still look like #^**,I'm glad you felt better to enjoy your favorite holiday.We loved the little pirates eye patch.
Hope he hasn't eaten all his treats yet.

Eve said...

Hey, presents on Halloween?! Lucky! Glad you guys had a safe and fun night- kudos to Julie.

Boo said...

I think I'm coming trick or treating with you guys next year... it was like Halloween disappeared around here! The Great Pumpkin sure likes you guys, and such awesome treats from the witches, too! Glad you guys had fun - Jules, get better darn it!

HeartofGoldPlate said...

All I wanted from the Great Pumpkin was plan tickets to GA. All I got was a rock. :(

Jules said...

Sorry about the rock Heart of Gold Plate....the lines of communication obviously got crossed. I will issue an official memo regarding this to the GP and make sure it is corrected for next year!

Jane said...

wow your neighborhood really gets into halloween.

im jealous