October 18, 2008

Baja's Red Cross Benefit 2008

much more laid back atmosphere with this show.. ready to go by 10:30
plenty of food & supplies were on hand
julie's display of bubble wands and halloween jewelry was as fine as ever
walking sticks etc prepared by myself
bailey and the bag 'o doughnuts
the red cross benefit was held at baja's - a local bar, restaurant, concert venue, and all around good time emporium..
one of julie's jewelry trees
mrs. lamey, matriarch of the family that owns & runs baja's & one hell of a good cook
her halloween baking can't be beat..
margie, one of the owner operators of baja's, she ran her butt off all day
james and the giant breakfast biscuit
the ouija board
me & kitty, aka fidget, 4'9" and hell on wheels..
one of the ten featured bands getting ready
i slipped into the bar for a pick me up...
aslyn enjoying some food in the restaurant
on the way in to baja's
huge red tail boa constrictor brought up from the pine mountain animal safari
creeped me out, but i touched it...
the red bull girls, i hated the drink, but... well...

baja's opened about a year ago and features excellent food & spirits as well as such groups as mothers finest, the black crows, and many others, you never know who you might run into...
thursday nights feature league beach volley ball, public games on friday
rear view of baja's, beach volley ball, tiki bar, and back entrance to one of he bars
wednesdays are wing & bike nights...
this poor dog came by our booth...
julie's halloween items were very popular
santa ornaments and jewelry...
the wire trees turned out great
a good idea for displaying items
the red bull girls eventually had to go...
a visit from my brother & silas
he really wanted the camera
and i let him catch it!
i love kids...

The show was more of a gathering of friends than anything else, the atmosphere was laid back, the food was good, the weather a bit cool and windy, but it was a pleasant day all around. We would like to thank everyone at Baja's for inviting us out and for the event. They really know how to make you feel welcome. When you are traveling through Newnan, be sure to stop in and check them out, the crab legs are great and the people friendly... For a relaxing night out you just can't beat this place.


HeartofGoldPlate said...

The second of anything always seems to go smoother. You're more prepared for everything.

C.S. Perry said...

Who's your good-looking brother...and his good-looking kid?

Anonymous said...

Next time I venture through there on my way to Dothan, I think I'll forego my normal rendesvous at Sprayberry's and stop in at Baja's.

Jules said...

That was my favorite part to Big Daddy....getting to be with friends and people that we love. A good time seemed to be had by all. Seemed less like work and more one of David's cook offs. Now if we could just get some of my family here it would be perfect!

Junebug said...

I wish I could win a big lottery ticket so there would be money to come to your houseand get Bryan home.I wish I wish.Miss you all so much.Wish I could of been there to help you with your saled.

l.c. said...

Aww! The merchandise looks great. Bajas Is great. I'm going to have to commission you to make me a big, Big walking stick that I could take with me for stilt gigs. That'd be awesome. It'd have to be able to break down and fit in my car though... well, maybe not. I could strap it to the top.
It looked like the show was a good time. I'm sorry I missed it.