August 22, 2008

Tropical storm Fay


8:45 pm This is what we got from tropical storm Fay, sorry its dark... But hey, that's what happens in the woods at night in north Georgia. The sounds of the cicadas feel like home... We were hoping for rain, but no dice... the storm is just too far south of us. We are getting steady 10-15 mph winds. There was Enough cloud cover and wind to drop the high temp today down to about 80 degrees. It's actually been pretty. On the way home I saw lots of people taking advantage of the cooler temps to jam in yard work before the rains we are supposed to get tomorrow set in. We have been lucky, given all the hell that people south of us have endured with flooding and loss of life, seven people have died as of this posting, let's hope that number doesn't increase. The wind reminds me of being at the beach so it's been comforting to me. A nice night for Kawasaki mule patrol, this video was shot by me & James, my four year old, that's him you hear squeaking around on the mule seat.....

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The Angry Georgian said...

There was a lot of wind over here in my corner today. We also got a nice misting on the way home from dinner. Hopefully we'll get some much needed rain tomorrow. My grass is starting to thin out.