August 26, 2008

bob beckel can kiss my ass

The thickness of my skin has been worn down by a year brought to me by none other than satan himself. I have had the privilege of living through a year that includes such lovely goings on as my father, uncle, and aunt passing away, two dogs dying, the loss of four pet birds to a hawk, estrangement, ridiculous car problems, health issues in the family, etc etc etc.... The bullshit has left me angry, tired and pissed off. I have tried my best to remain on an even keel while all around me turns to pure shit.

I knew that sooner or later some craptacular piece of nothing would toss my psyche over the edge and cause a flood of rage to vomit forth with vitriol and manifest itself on some unknowing soul who happens to be standing within reach. In a year that I have had to endure slack jawed bastards slinging insults at me and my family under the guise of anonymity, I have now reached the point of just not giving a shit. To what do I owe this mind set. None other than little bob beckel, pundit extraordinaire, he became the official camel straw back breaker.

It seems this ass hat has felt it necessary to insult the south. This is common fare for the uneducated blowhards that seem to place themselves on a pedestal because they live in a more enlightened area of the country. Every part of the country has rednecks, regardless of the accent they have when they speak. Every part of this country has areas a law abiding person will not go to. Every part of this country has people that just plain suck. But this endless bullshit about the south has reached its limit of being humorous.

‘If you can’t shoot it, eat it, drink it or fuck it, they just aren’t interested in it’ This is what he considers to be serious political discourse? He has said that the democrats should just forget about the south and obama shouldn't even land a plane here because the color of his skin. God knows there are no racists or bigots outside of the deep south are there? He even insulted the eating of catfish... It pissed me off and I don't even like catfish. I have lived here for my entire life, my wife is from chicago and has lived here for the past sixteen years. When she first got here she was dumbfounded by the way the people here talked about people of other races. Now she has seen the things that go on where the rubber meets the road, in real life and real time. She has seen real bigotry in action, and you know... most of it has been towards us poor, ignorant, incestuous southern rednecks.

Conversational bigotry was a spice of life I grew up with, it was everywhere. I am aware of lynchings and horrible things done to people. But, I am also aware of the flip side of this coin that you never hear about. Truth is truth, regardless of how ugly it is. Less than four percent of the people sold into slavery actually made it to the shores of this horrible region of the country. The largest purchaser of slaves during the time of the civil war was the U.S. government (see buffalo soldiers). There were no white people picking up slaves from africa (see spain and portugal) they were sold in cuba, well noted to be a hot spot for white folks, most wound up in south america and the Caribbean. The civil war was fought over taxation of goods from the south being at an unfair rate because those of the enlightened breed not liking the money the cotton barons were taking in and the power it brought to them. Black on white violence goes largely unreported by media.

I spent the early portion of my life pretty much raised by a black woman that I loved dearly. She helped to instill in me my love for real food and good times in the face of ridiculous bullshit brought on by people that have no real souls to speak of. She died not knowing when her birthday was or really how old she was, but the mark she left on me is deep and runs with a love that no bastards or spider witches can touch.

We that have grown up in the deep south feel a love for the place and guard it with a fierce line of blood that is willing to be spilled in the defense of it. We know that politicians are full of shit. We know that war is nasty business and the reasons for it are usually masked and delivered to us in a patriotic package designed to touch the deepest feelings of loyalty and win over the weak minded. But why do we accept it? Why do we line up to go? Why do enlistment rates always run higher in this region of the country than anywhere else? It's not because of love of country, or pride in a nation, or the desire to kill another human being. It's simply because we feel like we can help the other guy get home alive. We feel pride and patriotism, but we know what the score is. We would rather be the ones to face the shit and just get it done than to see others put to the test. We don't like whiners and would just as soon do it and hear less of it. There are people who feel like this all over the country. That is the point. We are just like everybody else. Yet we are forced to listen to shit spouting bastards from all angles and points in media take shots at us continuously. Why? Because they know we won't say or do anything about it. We are the last of the groups they won't lose a gig over... We have no jesse jacksons to file papers in a court of law. We have no al sharptons to go on hunger strikes (see a soup diet) to gain attention to anything we go through. Traditionally we shut the hell up and take it, get the job before us done and step aside to return to our normal lives.

Despite the lovely picture painted by things like gone with the wind, the reality of our history is one of poverty and labor. Sharecroppers worked side by side with slaves. White trash lived at a level comparable with them on most all levels. We too suffered under plantation owners. My own ancestors were forced to walk to Oklahoma (see trail of tears) They fought in wars, they were bad people with violent lives, some came from places like Scotland and Ireland where they were driven from lives they knew by rich people who held power over them. Some were here before the immigrants set foot on this shore. Yet they all prevailed and stayed the course.. and as a result.. Here I am. Here I am because of the pure fucking guts they had, the work ethic they stuck to, the bad times they lived through, and the blood and sweat they left on this land so that I could enjoy it and share it with my own children. They did it all for love, love of family and love for this place. That to me lays a heavy sense of responsibility on my shoulders, and it makes me weep in the very pit of my heart to hear some flippant remarks generalizing all of us come free flowing from the mouths of human stains like this asshole.

Let it go, we hate it, yet remain quiet when the jokes are made so you can feel important. You can have your opinion that's fine. But I can also have mine. Me.. I will take up the moniker of redneck, hillbilly, white trash, knuckle dragger, mongrel, blue eyed devil, bigot, and whatever other labels the more learned among our society decide to place on me. Like I said, I know the score.


Anonymous said...

He's free to say that without consequence, but I bet he'd get just as offended as yo if you were to tell him that you think all notherners are assholes.
You have every right to be offended. I'm not, but it does anger me a little because I consider myself a very learned individual. I read books on subjects that would fly miles over this guy's head. Guess what? I was born in South Alabama and raised in North Florida...on a farm!

Clay Perry said...

thats the point, im not automatically offended by people because of where they come from or the race they were born to, yet day in & day out i see & hear the people of this region besmirched because its funny. i am offended by the content of the soul. you were born in alabama and can read? by the standards of people like beckel you are an anomaly to be sure, how dare you make such a claim in public!

HeartofGoldPlate said...

don't hate.

Jules said...

Being born and raised in the north I can assure you that red necks are not restricted to this region alone. They can be found anywhere.

Pia said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

Bob Beckel is so wrong and when confronted about his views he always acts out with some kind of one-liner. Bob you need to give it all up. You are no good in the political scene and you are definitely not a comedian.
Hey Bob, do you know any women from Fairfax County??? I don't blame you for paying for it since you can't score any other way!!! Maybe you should go gay since you and you're party is okay with that.