July 09, 2008

Just random images

when you're in here at river street sweets, get the pecan pralines & ask for a banana smoothie, the smoothies aren't on the menu, but they will make them & they are perfect....
the chart house for lunch, a blackened mahi mahi sandwich on the balcony...
Aiken's tomb stone, there's no greater place of reflection on the planet.
when in Bonaventure you must sit on the bench, enjoy an adult beverage & watch the shrimp boats. that's the way Aiken wanted it.
mom at christmas
spiderman at four
dad at christmas
jr fireman
river street candy shop, can you say pecan praline?
james waiting at the aquarium
bay st. Savannah
julie's favorite spot in Bonaventure, Corinne Lawton, the face on the sculpture is an actual death mask of the girl... creepy but calming somehow
dad working in his shop
james a few years ago
inlaws, good folks
inlaw clan
it actually snowed once in georgia
i liked this for some reason
me, patrick, several guns & a fax machine i hated
renn fest
for peace & solitude, you cant beat Bonaventure
when i first woke up
it was only $400
they live under our porch

a msg to grandma


Jules said...

Yes, we do tend to forget. It is nice to be reminded.....

Jules said...

It would be lovely to visit the "weeping girl" again and be able to just sit and look out across the river, wouldn't it?

Clay Perry said...

cosmos mariner, destination unknown

wwdusty said...

Thanks for visiting my blog !
You asked if i had any pictures of my woodcarvings. I am planning to post some pics soon.

I like the pics you have of Savannah. We vacationed there last year and plan to go back... 'Wet Willies' has some Goood Margaritas !
I know Newnan Ga. ! My son and his fiancee live there ! *they gitten hitched next month !

I will be checkin yer blog often !

Fred in Winder, Ga (a suburb of Struggleville !)

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to go into a River Street Sweets, but every time I see one I just pass it by. Don't know why.

Anonymous said...

I love that you took me down memory lane.
I would like to be sitting on Mr.Aikens bench right now sipping on a lemonade overlooking the river.
It seems like yesterday that we had lunch on that balcony and were walking along River St.
Great memeories son in law!!!

HeartofGoldPlate said...

Lets steal away to savannah for a weekend. asap.

i dig musicians said...

I do very much enjoy Tolkien, but it takes me forever to get through his stuff for some reason. I think it is the way his stuff flows. I'm debating with another Shirley Jackson book, either The Haunting of Hill House or The Lottery (and other short stories).

Thanks for the rec.!