June 20, 2008

How do they get paid?

Last night while flipping channels I landed on Greta van susteren's on the record on fox news. She was telling the story of some hikers that had been lost in Alaska. The guy she was interviewing said that the girls had called them on their cell phone and told them where they thought they were. After several hours they called back and said that they had seen or heard nothing, so they reassessed their position and shortly they heard a helicopter, flagged them down and were rescued. Greta then asked the following question: "So you were in the helicopter and spotted them from the air, that's how they were rescued?" The look on the guy's face said very plainly, "Nooooo, we were on elephant back making our way to Tibet and happened up on them while they were having a naked wiccan ceremony to show their love for the goddess..."

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