May 13, 2008


I have had several emails come to me over the past week or so asking me what kind of person I am. Any email addresses I get go immediately into my contact folder to send updates to for this blog. I have three lists of addresses, aptly named… list one, two, and three…So I guess there are some folks that have read it that do not know me. Asking a person to describe what they are like is pretty useless. We all have images of the people we know and deal with, these pictures rarely change. I have an image, as we all do, of myself that I like to think is pretty accurate. But, as with most things, there are plenty of people out there that would disagree with me about anything that I would write about myself. But, at this point, you know that I am going to list some things about myself… that’s what I do, I make lists then put them in blog form.
I have thought about this and decided that what I will do is give you some basic background information on myself, then list things that people have said about me and let you make up your own mind as to what kind of person I am.
I was born in Newnan, Georgia in 1967 and have lived here all of my life. We lived in town when I was a child, then moved to the area that I now live in. I graduated from Newnan Highschool in 1985 with an average GPA. I never failed a grade, but never did very good either. I never attended college, although I wanted to, but basically was afraid. I spent a period of several months after Highschool when I didn’t work, then had a series of jobs, I was tired of being broke, before settling into the industry I currently work in. I have always been interested in art, in one form or another, but enjoyed sculpting more than the others, as I can’t draw or paint well… I have always enjoyed music, but have never had enough courage to learn to play any instrument or sing in front of real people. (A few drunken instances not counted). I have had a tendency toward violence and a short temper, but have gotten over this in the past few years. I met a girl from Chicago, married her and have two sons. I enjoy wood carving and making walking sticks. I have an unfounded fear of working on anything and generally faint at the thought of any home fix it ideas.
That’s the basic information, now, following the usual formula, I will list things that I have heard about myself… These comments run the entire time line of my life, some from childhood, some from yesterday…“God he is lazy” “he works all the time” “just make two sandwiches, if you don’t want the other one, Clay will eat it” “I made this just for you & you say you arent hungry?” “I worry about you more than any of the other ones” “I can depend on you to take care of anything” “wow, you’re pretty talented” “hmmm, my two year old can do better work than this” “good lord, why don’t you lose weight” “you need to eat more than that” “you need to stop smoking now” “do you do anything that’s considered bad for you?” “you didn’t have to hit him with the gas nozzle, I saw what you did, you better leave before the cops get here” “I can’t believe you didn’t kick his ass” “I never really liked you that much anyway, it was just an act” “I love you Dad” “you never went to college? I just assumed you had, you sound educated” “you’re not as smart as you f’ing think you are” “you just don’t care about anything do you?” “you have to get involved in everything don’t you?” “you enjoy starting shit don’t you?” “you wouldn’t give a damn if the whole world fell apart around you” “I can’t believe he is so clueless, it’s all going on right under his nose” “how does he know all that? Did you tell him?” “he can’t write worth a crap” “I like your stuff, its funny” “you’re a Godless bastard and will burn forever” “you are one of the most spiritual people I’ve ever met” “why don’t you just take a bath?” “I’ve never met someone who takes that many showers a day” “do you not have any feelings at all?” “you are so emotional, it gets on my nerves” “you want recognition for every little thing you ever do” “why don’t you tell them you did it & get some brownie points, it couldn’t hurt, you don’t always have to work behind the scenes”
Get the point….?


C.S. Perry said...

They have a support group fopr people like you.

It's called EVERYBODY.

They meet at the bar.

Jules said...

I can't see Big Daddy having the patience with a support group...let alone at a bar! :0) Hang in there. Some days are better than others.

Anonymous said...

That was awesome.

Anonymous said...

WOW-now I'm really confused. I don't know who you are!
It appears no one else does either.
But as it appears that everyone seems to have an opinion of you, let me add one of mine... people change, myself included. I see a man who loves his sons and that touches my heart.
-your sister

HeartofGoldPlate said...

I have altered perceptions at times, but I see someone with a big heart, if a very guarded one. I also see and hear someone who is so very, very good at telling stories.

Anonymous said...

I see a compasionate person.
even if you don't speak a word.
You are a great family man.
People will talk about anyone
at anytime.
People do change!
The main thing is if you are hapy with yourself people will know it.

Clay Perry said...

these are nice, thanks...