May 21, 2008

Pure BS

I clicked on one of the ubiquitous horoscope adds you see on line and this is what it said:

If you are trying to make a decision, give yourself the day to mull things over. The flow of mental energy is hard to grasp right away, and you might need the whole day to get a handle on the true pros and cons of your dilemma. There is no such thing as over-thinking when it comes to this particular predicament, so unless there is a serious deadline looming, hold off making up your mind until tomorrow. And you could ask for advice, but it probably won't help much.

Question is, why am I not getting paid to write that crap?


Anonymous said...

I quit reading them a long time ago. I think they have a book of standard horoscopes where you just fill in the blank mad-lib style.

Jules said...

I agree with you and the angry is fill in the blank given the day and you should write them. You would do a better job.

Clay Perry said...

i would love to click on one & see this:
"Get the hell back in bed, someone is going to try to kill you today"

Jules said...

I want to see that horoscope too!