May 29, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

What follows are two posts of pictures of what we did on Saturday May 24th. The trip to Fernbank Museum was alot of fun, the drive to Fernbank (about 40 minutes) was not that much fun, James (our four year old) was upset because we told him he couldnt take his gun... He was worried that the dinosaurs we were going to see would come after us like in the movies... The rest of the day was spent just hanging out around the house...

my brother, his daughter & her boyfriend headed down to the river for a weekend of muddin'

this is where the hobbit that watches over the garden lives..

gotta keep the machines running right

always have to tinker

on patrol on the back of the property

headed into the "garden"

future site of the permanent camp (its an island surrounded by creeks)

Quasi (one of our dogs) in the creek

the mule

our home

spin around & this is the view up the driveway to the road

latest carving

same carving (the spirals are not natural, it can be yours for $125.00)

getting ready for patrol

she waited on us at Zesto's on Ponce, the best chocolate shakes, french fries & burgers in Georgia...

the leaf tree in our drive way

the grandpa tree in our driveway

a moth (in our driveway)

fishing at Fernbank

making bubbles

all of our fingers

you gotta smush a penny when you see one of these, you dont have a choice...


Jules said...

The view of the driveway makes me homesick for CrickHollowFarms....

HeartofGoldPlate said...

Do they have those wax/plastic figure makers there too? They're as addictive as those penny things.

Jules said...

No, no wax plastic things. I wish they did. I love those things too! The boys would like those. Did you see your Quasi HeartofGoldPlate?

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures!
Could you sned me some real pictures of those.Loved them made me homesick for Georgis.Wish daddy Jim felt better so we could make a trip.
Beautiful beautiful pictures.Loved that little fixer upper.

Anonymous said...

For a second there, I thought your property was right here around the corner from me. There's a lot that opens up to a small meadow just like it does in that one picture.